5 favourite music videos /Five on Friday (2)

Hello everyone, I am back today with my second post in my new series ‘five on Friday’.

In this post, I am going to be sharing with you my five favourite music videos of all time. I have always been fascinated by music videos and I find sometimes I judge a song by the video over the music itself. I feel music videos are really crucial in uncovering the deeper meaning to a song and that’s why I love them

1: Robbers / The 1975

Robbers was the sixth single release by UK indie rock band ‘The 1975’.  The track stuck to me upon the first listen and Is without a doubt my favourite thing they have ever done.The song was accompanied by an even better video. Directed by Tim Mattia the video followed Matty as a fictional bad boy with actress Chelsea Schuchman playing his love interest. We see them and the rest of his 1975 band members planning to rob a store in order to fuel their drug and alcohol addictions, however, this doesn’t go to plan and results in Matty’s character being shot. While this video deals with heavy subject matters like drug and alcohol addictions  it is still really romantic.

2: Bloodstream / Ed Sheeran

Starring American actor Ray Liotta we see his character attempt to relive his younger years in fictional band Black Glove. We see him sitting eating alone at a huge table in a  mansion surrounded plaques. This reflects his loneliness since the fame has worn off and all he is left with physical possessions and money. We then see him try to fill his life with more excitement by drinking and hiring prostitutes, however, this obviously doesn’t help him to as we see him burning all his memorabilia before plunging into a swimming pool from his roof.

3: Lemonade / Beyoncé

As many of you know queen Bey released her visual album ‘lemonade’ last year. It was over an hour in length and had music videos for all 12 songs with powerful monologues between. A problem I have found with other visual albums is the amount of care put in is minimal and everything seems a bit rushed, however here you can see that everything was well throughout. It really helps to portray meaning and emotion behind the songs. I love it.

4: Surprise yourself / Jack Garrett

In this video, we see a group of real-life people facing their fears.These fears include getting tattooed, rollercoasters and skydiving.  This video was filmed using GoPro’s making it very raw and real. I think it’s a really good song with an even more important message and this video complements it perfectly.

5: Hotel ceiling / Rixton

This video was released in early 2015 and stars Alice Eve and Billy Huxley. We see the young couples innocent relationship blossom before the man becomes a missing person. We see the woman extremely distressed in a hotel room while flashbacks are shown of the couple enjoying happier times. She then lifts her dead boyfriend’s hand up from underneath the bed as police cars pull up outside her window. I love this video so much as it takes such an unexpected turn. Director Clarence Fuller did an amazing job with this one.

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