My A-Z of songs.

Hello everybody, a couple of weeks ago my close friend Chloë wrote a post of her A-Z of artists.I absolutely loved this post and thought that I would recreate it, however, doing A-Z of songs. I really recommend you check Chloë out as she has started blogging and Is extremely talented:

Let’s get started, Here is my A-Z of songs…

A is for… American Idiot

“One nation controlled by the media”

American idiot is the title track from Green Days seventh studio album.The track was inspired by the anger Billie Joe Armstrong felt following news coverage of the Iraq War and how he felt it was being shown more like a reality show.

Honourable mentions: Antichrist-the 1975, Autumn leaves-Ed Sheeran,

B is for…Ballad of me and my brain

“well I think I’ve gone mad, Isn’t that so sad?”

Ballad of me and my brain is from UK indie rock band the 1975 and features on their second album, I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. In this song, we hear Matty sing about how he has lost his brain which while comical is a metaphor for his lost the sense of identity and mental health issues.

Honourable mentions: Better- One republic, Bitter pill-Gavin James

C is for… Come on over

“I went to church and stopped believing”

This is easily my favourite song from Brighton based Rock duo Royal blood. This song was originally written as a B-side for single Out of the black but then became the third track on their debut self-titled album.

Honourable mentions: Chasing cars-Snow Patrol  Call you up-Viola beach

D is for…Do I wanna know?

“there’s some aces up your sleeve”

Do I wanna know is the lead single from The Arctic monkeys fifth studio album ‘AM’. I find it really soothing to listen to with the captivating vocals and slow beat throughout. It’s definitely not one to miss.

Honourable mentions:Don’t hurt yourself-beyonce, Dancing on my own-Calum scott

E is for… Eraser

“I may have grown up but I hope that Damian’s proud”

Eraser is the first track on Ed Sheeran’s latest album divide. The song recaps Ed’s career up to this point. Ed did an extended version of this song for SBTV and it’s just so perfect, I really recommend you check it out.

Honourable mention:Emergency- James Arthur

F is for… FML

“Revealing the layers to my soul”

Kanye and The Weeknd did a good job with this one. Coming from Kanye’s 2016 release ‘The life of Pablo’ FML is super catchy and Abels vocals on the hook are breathtaking. I feel people just really need to give Kanye a chance because if you look past him and his personality his music is actually pretty good.

Honourable mentions:Follow fashion-XO man, Flying-James arthur

G is for… Gameshow

“I’m made of plasticine”

Gameshow is the title track from Two door cinema clubs third studio album. The album is said to have been influenced by artists like Prince and David bowie and this is definitely evident in the songs. Gameshow is my personal favourite track from the album.

Honourable mentions: Good thing-Sam Smith, Gimmie the love-Jake Bugg

H is for…Hold up

“they don’t love you like I love you’

Queen Bey certainly didn’t hold back with this one and the sass was out in full force. Hold up was the second track from her visual album ‘Lemonade’. This track only created more speculation that husband Jay Z cheated on her. The video is really vibrant and provides a really solid beginning to the album.

Honourable mentions: High for this- The Weeknd, Hotel ceiling-Rixton

I is for… If you ever want to be in love

“my tongue wouldn’t break the seal”

If you ever want to be in love was the fourth single taken from British singer-songwriter James Bay’s debut album ‘Chaos and the calm’.This track really showcases Bay’s amazing vocal potential.

Honourable mentions: In our own worlds-Jamie Lawson, Is there somebody who can watch you?- The 1975

J is for… Jackie and Wilson

“my Isis growing black irises in the sunshine”

Inspiration was definitely taken from Van Morrison’s track’ Jackie Wilson said’ with this one. This track is one of the lighter one from the album and it just a fun little upbeat track that will get you singing along. It wasn’t officially released as a single but I think that makes it even more special.

k is for… Kids

“We were naming the stars”

Kids is the second single from One republics latest album ‘oh my-my’.Lead singer Ryan Tedder described this song as 80s-style synthpop. For me personally, it’s not the strongest song on the album but it definitely works for a radio friendly single.

Honourable mentions: Kiss me-Ed Sheeran

L is for…Love hope and misery

“Don’t be mad, I’m just a man”

Love hope and misery was released on the 6th of May 2016 a month before the album it features on was released. This song, unfortunately, didn’t chart but for me that doesnt make it worth any less. Jake Bugg did a really good job with the album ‘on my one’ and this track is a perfect example of that.

Honourable mention :Like a fool-Viola Beach

M is for… Me & Mr Jones

“What kind of fuckery is this?”

Without a single doubt, this is the best thing Amy Winehouse ever made  The song is about her relationship with rapper Nasir Jones. I feel it’s a song that doesn’t get nearly enough praise.

Honourable mentions: The Man who can’t be moved- The script.

N is for… New tattoo

“we cannot deface in any weather”

Hands down this is my favourite James Arthur song…ever. The bass, the drums and James raspy vocals make it such a catchy track.  I will definitely be listening to this one for a long time coming.

Honourable mentions:Nothing without you- The Weeknd.

O is for…Onto her bed

“Wait for love in vain”

Onto her bed, in my opinion, is the most underrated song from blossoms self-titled album.I was gutted they didn’t perform it when I saw them last week but it is still a favourite track for me personally.

Honourable mentions:One eye on the door-Professor Green.

P is for…Perfect

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms”

This is the thinking out loud of divide. Ed wrote this personal love ballad for his current girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. The opening line of the song references other divide tracks ‘shape of you’ and ‘dive’ and I think it’s really cool he has linked them together. It is a standout track and I’m sure it will be released as a single in the coming months.

Honourable mentions: Prisoner-James Arthur

Q is for…Quiet ballad of ed

“Tell this army of angels to make me breathe”

I’m not going to delve too deep into this one as chances are you probably haven’t heard it. It is from Ed Sheeran’s second independent album release nicely named ‘The Ed Sheeran album’.

R is for…Robbers

“Babe, you look so cool”

This slow building air guitar worthy track was the fourth single from the 1975’s self-titled 2014 album. Matty’s gentle vocals complement the other member’s musical talents perfectly. This is my favourite The 1975 song and I would urge anyone that hasn’t already heard it head over to youtube and watch the video.

Honourable mentions: Rocket-Tori Kelly

S is for…Satellite

“You’re the only one in my sky”

Everyone knows JP cooper for his hit single ‘September song’ but little know about his two EP’s. Satellite is from his first ‘When the darkness comes’. This toe-tap inducing story of a lost love definitely showcases this up and coming stars talent.

Honourable mentions: Shameless-The Weeknd,Skinny love-Bon Iver

T is for… True colours

“I don’t believe all this inconsistency”

Up next Is my personal favourite song from Starboy.The 2nd studio album from award winning R&B artist Abel Tesfaye better known as The Weeknd’. The slow rhythmic beats build up to create an easy listening, gentle love song.

Honourable mentions: Take me to church-Hozier

U is for… Uber-Capitalist death trade

“I really wanna fight for the country “

New kids on the block Stockport punk band Cabbage have got a lot of attention recently after the release of their debut album ‘young dumb and full of…’. Uber-capitalist death trade is the first track on the album and sounds even better live. I’m not usually a fan of Punk bands but this is an exception.

Honourable mentions: Ugly heart-G.R.L

V is for…viva la Vida

“that was when I ruled the world”

I am a huge Coldplay fan and Viva la Vida is the band’s second best performing single just below paradise. Viva La Vida translates as death and all his friends. This has always been a favourite of mine since its release all the way back in 2008.

W is for…Weathered

“You’re the water to quench my throat”

Jack Garratt gets deep with this one singing about his younger years and how he is desperate to hold onto memories for the rest of his life. His vocals are really soft on this song. I feel it really grounds the album as a lot of it is more upbeat.

Honourable mentions: When we were on fire-James Bay,Where we land-Ed Sheeran

X is for… XO

“Your heart is glowing”

This track was co-written and produced by one republics Ryan Tedder and in my opinion is the highlight in the tail end of Beyonce’s 2013 self-titled release. It shows a really loving and down to earth side to Beyonce.

Y is for… You and me

“We are wild and we are free”

This song from UK indie rock band made my summer. This was legit all I listened to for a good 2 weeks. It’s from their debut album 100. I absolutely love The Hunna all the boys are so nice and they make such amazing music.

Honourable mentions: You’re nobody till somebody loves you-James Arthur.

Z is for…

well I’m not really sure, I don’t like any songs that begin with Z

Look, I’m not going to lie here…I started to write this post not thinking it would take me that long at 12 this afternoon…it is now 8:33pm and I have never been so bored of a blog post in the whole time I have been doing it.

Anyway ,I am super relieved it’s up, so I hope you enjoyed it.

I also put all these songs into a Spotify playlist below so you can enjoy them all for yourself.

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