Franki Love / Artist of the week 29/3/2017

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I am starting a new series here that I am nicely naming ‘Artist of the week’. I will update it every Wednesday with an artist I want to share with you. I have found a lot of artists I am planning to make my artist of the week after they have reached out to me via my contact page and social media.

I am delighted to say my first ever Artist of the week is award-winning singer/songwriter Franki Love. Franki grew up in both LA and New york. At age four she started to play the piano and is now a classically trained pianist.

Franki released her self-titled debut album back in 2007. The success from this album then allowed Franki to raise funds for the second album through Kickstarter a website that allows people to donate money to fund people’s creative projects. “Now Is The Time” was released in 2011 and brought Franki a lot of success not just in the US but around the world allowing her to play international gigs .

Franki used Kickstarter again in order to fund her latest album ‘OTIAS’. Released on February 1st The album hold a lot of meaning to Franki as she wrote it after her mother’s passing from cancer back in 2015. She describes how sitting at the piano and writing music allowed her to heal. Not only are the songs about Franki’s mother the title itself is her mother’s maiden name backwards which I feel is a lovely touch.The album is beautifully produced with three tracks produced by grammy award winning producer David Kershenbaum.

I have spent a lot of time listening to ‘OTIAS’ this week and it is truly one of the most touching things I have heard. The amount of passion, grace and determination that has been put into the album really makes it shine.

I really hope that you take the time to give it a listen because’s a real delight. You can listen to  it here on her Bandcamp page:

You can also follow her various social media pages here:




She also sells a super cute Franki Love T-shirt, you can pick one up here:

I really hoped you all enjoyed the first post in my new series. Franki is such a talented artist it’s such an honour to be able to share her with you all.

Like I said in the beginning , I’m always looking for artists to get in touch, so If you are interested in being my artist of the week then please contact me using the contact form below.

Have an amazing week 🙂

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