My favourite 5 lyrics/ Five on Friday(3)

Hello, everyone, I am back with my second post this week and that is course Five on Friday. I am really enjoying writing this series and I really hope you’re all enjoying reading it as it’s definitely something I would love to continue.
Last week I shared with you top 5 favourite music videos you can check that out here: 5 favourite music videos /Five on Friday (2)
And today as you can tell by the title I am going to write about my top 5 lyrics. It was so hard to get it down to just 5 as there was just too many, but lets just give it a go..

1: “The chemicals that make her laugh don’t seem to be working anymore”

– She lays down (The 1975)

– The song is the last on the band’s latest album ‘I like It when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’. The lyrics speak Of Matty’s mum’s struggle with post-Natal depression. The lyric can be interpreted in two ways one being that the happy hormones in her brains don’t work or alternatively the chemicals refer to the anti depressant medication she’s on and how they are stopping having an effect, I personally believe the latter. Nevertheless it is a really well put together lyric.

2: “I really want a donut, shouldn’t get a donut Bought a donut, fuck it, man, it’s really hard”

– Let’s eat (Macklemore)

I just relate to this way too well, it’s a very comedic song about food. It breaks up the album ‘This unruly mess I’ve made’ really well as a lot of songs on the album follow heavy themes making this lighthearted track stand out. This is my favourite lyric as it’s just so relatable and makes me smile whenever I hear it.

3: “I’ve got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it”

– Oout of the black (Royal blood)

This lyric is one from Brighton rock duo Royal blood. The lyric is a very obvious metaphor that words are shot like bullets. I love the lyric and how it sounds on the record.

4: “You’d find me busking on the streets when it was cold outdoors, and now I’m sweating on the stage of my sold out tours”

– Take it back (Ed Sheeran)

This lyric may actually be my favourite of all. It is from the extended SBTV and live version of the track. It’s so special as it really makes you realise just how far Ed has come.

5: “My head’s above the rain and roses Making my way away”

– Still breathing (Green Day)

This lyric was one that stood out to me when I listened to the song for the first time. The rain and roses represent the features of a typical funeral, by saying his head is above it .He is talking about how he is still alive and breathing.

I really hope you enjoyed this, Check back Sunday for my full-length post, I have something really cool planned.

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