“Fake Fans”

Hello everyone, today’s post is going to be somewhat of a rant so click off if you aren’t in the mood for negativity. I have had some stuff on my mind for a while now that I have debated back and forth about sharing with you. However, today is the day that I am finally going to be speaking about ‘fake fans’ . I personally don’t like that term as I feel it is slightly overdramatic but that’s just the easiest way to reference it.

The first thing that pops into my head upon hearing the term ‘fake fan’ Is band tees being worn as a fashion statement. I went out shopping today and I can quite safely say that there was a band shirt in every clothes shop I went in.

As a genuine music lover, I would wear a band or artist tee in support and respect for an artist. This isn’t what these shirts are being sold for. They are being sold for teen fashion bloggers and Instagram models to pair with some ripped jeans and high boots. I’m so sorry to be stereotypical there but it’s pretty obvious with any 10 minute flick through of Instagram thats what’s happening.

The type of bands that are printed on these shirts are ones that are iconic and super well known, with common ones being ‘Pink floyd’ and ‘Metallica’. I personally feel its disrespectful and unnecessary for people who don’t listen to the band’s music to wear them. I think this purely because I view music as such a pure and real art form that a lot of emotion and hard work is put into them. These artists worked years and years to build up such large discography’s and fanbases so for people to just wear these shirts without knowing any meaning behind the name and logo is wrong.

It’s also the styles of these shirts that bother me. I like to wear band shirts that are oversized and comfortable as I don’t see them as fashion statements. These shirts are being sold in such stupid ways, with rips and uncomfortable looking chocker necks.

I know that a lot of people will see this and immediately jump to twitter to attack me so here I am just going to give some anticipated statements and my responses.

“If people like the images then leave them alone”

Like I say this isn’t a personal attack, It’s simply a generalised opinion I have. About people liking the images I say they should go and find another picture they like that isn’t linked to a band they don’t listen to. I have had this situation before I saw a shirt I liked but when I saw it was a band I didn’t like I just left it because I would feel stupid wearing it. I think it’s embarrassing to wear a shirt that you have no idea what its representing.

“Maybe the ‘fashion bloggers’ and ‘Instagram models’ you talk about actually listen to the bands”

Due to my personal experience with people like this, they don’t and I can only base opinions on my experience with people. They tend to listen to a lot of mainstream music usually Justin Bieber, Adele and halsey. Realistically as much as you want to prove me wrong you know I am true.


I’m sorry this post was quite full on but I feel a lot better after getting this out there (Hope no one got too triggered). I really hope you have an amazing couple of days and I will see you on Wednesday when I announce this weeks artist of the week.

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