Michael Hoelters / Artist of the week

I’m happy to say this week’s artist is actually someone I know personally and that is my friend Michael Hoelters.

Michael is 15 years old from Sussex and has released an EP and a handful of singles. Even at such a young age, he presents conspicuous amounts of talent and passion.

Michael has recently released his first EP ‘Edge’ in which he took great influence from ‘Avenged Sevenfold’, ‘My Chemical Romance’ and ‘Bring me the Horizon’. The inspiration Michael took from these bands is evident while also creating his own unique sound.

The singles are great as stand alone tracks as well. I feel the problem with many artists (particularly young ones) is that they toss out single after single that just sound the same. With Michael’s music, you can clearly distinguish between the tracks which to me is really important.

Michael also has a blog section to his website where he shares posts on how he puts his tracks together which is really fascinating.

It would be really awesome if you took the time to check out Michael and support his music, Here are all the links you need:










I think it’s super important to support smaller artists, that’s why I have dedicated this series to sharing with you just some of them.

Want to see yourself as my artist of the week then complete the form below and I will get back to you.

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