5 bands/Artists I would love to see Live / Five on Friday(4)

Hi everybody, I today I am going to be sharing with you another post in my five on Friday series. I am really really loving writing this series and I have had a lot of positive feedback so I’m happy I can continue with it.

Today I am going to be taking you through five artists I would love to see live. The list is literally endless of people I want to see live so it was hard to narrow it down to my top 5 but here we go…

1: Amy Winehouse

I have watched a lot of videos of Amy performing and her voice is just breathtaking. It’s not often you listen to artists live recording and they are better than their studio work but with Amy it really is. I just really really wish I had the opportunity to see her when she was still alive.

2: Green Day

I need to see Green Day live and I need to see them now. About a year ago I started to delve into their huge discography and  I am now obsessed. Jon from ARTV was lucky enough to go and see them last month and he made this video: I SAW GREEN DAY LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME!. His footage and description of the show makes me want to see them more than anything. They have been performing for so many years now and the amount of passion and energy they still have is really amazing.

3: Royal Blood

These boys look maaaaad live and now they have announced their second album I might actually be able to see them. I can’t even begin to imagine the energy of the croud at one of their gigs. Until then I will just have to continue watching videos 😦

4: James Blunt

I have become obsessed with James over the last month and I would love to see him live. He has such a witty personality and doesn’t take himself too seriously. I have seen some of his TV appearances recently and he has such an exceptional voice.

5: Jack Garrett

Jack puts on an amazing live show, I really enjoyed watching his festival sets last year It’s really mesmerizing watching an individual doing the job of a whole band.It sounds so flawless while making it look effortless.

That’s it for this weeks five on Friday. If you have any suggestions for future posts then please fill out the form below and I will try to make it happen.

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