Every Ed Sheeran​ Album and EP ranked Worst to best.

Hi everyone, today I’m going to be ranking all Ed Sheeran’s EP’s and albums from worst to best. I love all of Ed Sheeran’s projects, however, I just thought it would be fun to rank them and share them with you.

If you don’t already know I have been a fan of Ed Sheeran since late 2011, I have seen him live 5 times and have met him on two occasions, you can read about my latest here: I met Ed Sheeran and went perfume shopping with Jedward?

No.5 Collaborations project

            Lately(feat Devlin), You(feat Wiley), Family (feat. P Money) Radio (feat. JME), Little Lady (feat. Mikill Pane), Drown Me Out (feat. Ghetts), Nightmares (feat. Random Impulse, Sway & Wretch 32), Goodbye To You (feat. Dot Rotten)

Just because I have ranked this as my least favourite doesn’t mean I hate it. Like I have mentioned a lot I am not a fan of grime music and this project features a lot of grime artists so it’s just not for me. I also feel there isn’t enough Ed on this, however, I still own it on vinyl and listen to it regularly.

The orange room

Moody Ballad of Ed, Misery, Typical Average, Addicted,  I love you

A lot of people here probably aren’t aware of this EP as it isn’t his most well-known. It was released in 2005 when ed was just 13. No offence to Ed because he as said it himself, his voice is terrible. Lyrically, however, the album isn’t half bad, it’s a great representation of how far Ed has come when compared to some of his newer work.


 One, Mess, Sing, Don’t, Nina,  Photograph, Bloodstream, Tenerife sea, Runaway, The Man, Thinking Out Loud, Afire Love, Take It Back, Even My Dad Does Sometimes, Shirtsleeves, I see fire.

A lot of people will be shocked to see Multiply this early into the post. This album does hold a very special place in my heart as it was the first album of his that really did well, broke records and placed well in the charts. This is great however it did mean it got overplayed, some of the songs that were released as singles on here did lose a lot of meaning for me. It’s a great album, just not his best in my opinion.

Slumdon bridge EP

London bridge, You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake), Faces,  Tone.

This is The EP that Ed recorded with American rapper Yelawolf and released in February 2012. It is short in length as it only features four songs. I love every single on of these songs however the length for me is a problem because when I put it on I find myself getting into it and before I know it it’s over. I just feel it could have been a little longer and that’s why it’s here on my list.

The Ed Sheeran album

open your ears, Beyond the pale, In memory, Insomniac’s lullaby, Quiet ballad of Ed, No luck, Billy Ruskin, Spark, Pause, The sea, Way home.

This was Ed’s second official release following The orange room. I personally feel that some of Ed’s best work is on this album and my dream would be for him to record and release this again in better quality.

Live at Bedford

The A team, Homeless, The city, Fall, Wake me up, You need me I don’t need you.

This is a great EP because it records Ed doing what he does best, performing live.It’s a 6 track EP that was recorded late 2010. He performs some track f from his EP’s that I have never been fortunate to hear live so this is the closest I’m going to get and I love it.

You need me EP

you need me I don’t need you, So, Be like you , The city, Sunburn.

This EP contains some of Eds most underrated tracks. I also love the acoustic version of You need me I don’t need you. I’m really glad Ed put these tracks together as a collective because they work really well to compliment each other.

Songs I wrote with Amy

Fall, Fire alarms, Where we land, Cold coffee, She

This Ep is one of my favourite thing ever. IT was written by Ed and songwriter Amy Wadge. They are both geniuses so together they make the most amazing music.This EP is a beautiful collection of songs and will forever be one of my favourites.

Loose change

Let it out, Homeless, Little bird, Sofa, One night, Firefly, The city(Live at sticky studios), Firefly(Bravado Dubstep remix)

This is possibly Eds post popular EP. It features 6 tracks along with one acoustic recording and one remix. All the songs on this one are really calming and quiet which I really enjoy. I don’t feel Ed’s voice is over produced here meaning you can hear Ed’s voice for what it really is.

Want some?

You break me, I’m glad I’m not you, You need to cut your hair, Sara, Move on, Yellow pages, Smile, Postcards, The west coast of Clare.

This was Ed’s third independent release. The reason it is so far up my list despite the recording and production being low quality is because it has my favourite Ed song of all time on it, ‘Smile’. This song was my favourite from the first time I heard it and has continued to be throughout the 7 years I have been supporting Ed.


Eraser, Castle On The Hill, Dive, Shape Of You, Perfect,  Galway Girl, Happier, New Man, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, What Do I Know?,  How Would You Feel (Paean), Supermarket Flowers,  Barcelona, Bibia Be Ye Ye, Nancy Mulligan, Save Myself

This album has only been out for just over a month so I don’t feel like I am able to have as wide of an opinion on this one as all the others.  I love every song on here and I’m really proud of all of Eds success and I’m just going to continue listening to and interpreting the album.  Check out my full review here: Divide Review

One take ep

Wayfaring Stranger, U.N.I, You need me I don’t need you.

This is without a doubt my favourite EP from Ed. It only features three songs but they are all versions I’m obsessed with. It opens with Ed’s legendary cover of American folk and gospel song Wayfaring stranger.  This song has been covered thousands of times by different artist with every version being unique. Ed’s voice on this cover is beautifully haunting and it was recorded in one take making it even more amazing. The second track on this Ep is an acoustic version of U.N.I a track from his debut album plus. Like I have said before I prefer Eds acoustic and live recordings so this is just another great example of his talent. The closing track is by far my favourite version of You need me, I don’t need you, this was recorded for SBTV and was the first thing I had ever heard of Ed’s so it does hold a special place in my heart. 


The A Team, Drunk, UNI, Grade 8, Wake Me Up, Small Bump, This, The City, Lego House, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, Kiss Me, Give Me Love, The Parting Glass, Bonus Tracks, Autumn Leaves, Little Bird, Gold Rush, Sunburn

We finally got here, Plus was Ed’s first studio album and was released back in 2011. It was the first album that I fell in love with and listened on repeat for months on end.I feel this album is Ed in his purest form as most of the writing and production was done by himself meaning most if not all musical decisions were made by him. Despite a very critical reception from the press, I feel it shows Ed’s real talent in the best way, there is something so raw and original about his album making it a definite favourite of mine. It features some of Eds best-known songs like Lego house and the studio version of you need me I don’t need you. I love everything about this album and I still constantly listen to it now even 6 years on.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this, I would love to do it with some other arists as well.

I hope you have an amazing week.


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