Blue Nation/ Artist of the week.

Hello everybody, Today I’m really excited to share with you all my artist of the week

Let me introduce you to them,

aotwBlue nation are an up-and-coming indie trio from Birmingham. The band is made up of Chris Bloor on Guitar+drums, Luke Weston on bass and last but not least Neil Murdoch on lead vocals and guitar.

I discovered Blue Nation earlier this month and I have spent a fair amount of time listening to their ever growing discography.

The group fuse indie rock and blues creating, in my opinion, the perfect sound.

You can get to know them a little better by watching their Q&A


I really love these guys and I really hope you will all give them a chance and try them out because they are definitely a band I will continue to listen to and appreciate.

There are many ways that you can stay up to date with Blue Nation I will include the link to all their pages below.  Thank you for reading this and thank you to Blue nation for being amazing. – I really like their website, it’s really well put together. You can find all sorts of fun things over there including tour dates and really cute merchandise.

@bluenationmusic – Twitter – They update their twitter often and are super interactive with fans over there. – They Livestream and share videos and updates posts over here. They also respond to fan comments.Which I think is really nice as it breaks down that barrier between band and fans. – They post live performances and music videos here. – Here they share loads of images from tour and studios.

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