My festival guide 2017

So, You want to go to a music festival but you are unsure of which one?

Let me share with you my personal analysis of the main UK festivals including advantages and disadvantages of each.

Glastonbury (£238)

I’m starting with possibly the most renowned UK festival and that is of course Glastonbury.  Founded by Michael Eavis Glastonbury festival first took place in 1907 and now runs annually throughout the last weekend in June.  Glastonbury is well known for its diverse range of music and entertainment with over 100 stages ranging from the Iconic pyramid stage to smaller areas like Strummerville. Personal highlights of last year’s lineup included: The 1975, Two door cinema club, Jake Bugg and Blossoms. This year’s lineup was announced not too long ago and my picks from there obviously Include headliner Ed Sheeran alongside Royal Blood, The XX and Rag’n bone man.


1: Really wide spectrum of genres- Allowing you to discover and fall in love with music you wouldn’t have otherwise.

2: It’s for a worthy cause- The festival works with Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam.


1: They don’t offer a payment scheme-This could be an issue if you can’t afford to pay in one go then you are a bit stuffed. General Admission Tickets cost £238 + £5 booking fee which is a lot to pay in one hit.

2: Scheduling –  I haven’t personally been to Glastonbury but after reading articles online I have found out that scheduling can sometimes be an issue and a lot of people end up missing artists they really wanted to see. But if you ask me there are just too many acts so of course, they are going to clash.

V fest (£189)

V fest takes place in two locations at once however both share the same lineup. It takes place on the penultimate weekend in August which is towards the end of the festival season. They usually have a smaller lineup than a lot of other festivals with last year only having 5 stages which is tiny compared to Glastonbury 100+. Excellent however if you love mainstream music as headliners are usually big acts such as Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Advantages :

1: Crowds not too big- As this festival is split over two venues at the same time a number of people at each is less than other festivals. 

2: Spread the payment- V fest offers a payment scheme which is great for people that want to go but cant afford to pay all at once.


1: Expensive-  Unlike other festival V fest does not allow its guests to take their own food or drink. Which isn’t too bad until you find out that the food is super expensive with a single burger costing £7. They are even known to charge £10 for programmes which is ridiculous as it’s the only way to see what time acts are on. Many people have branded the event greedy. 

2: 11 pm curfew – In all fairness, it is out of respect for people that live nearby, however, a lot of festivals offer music into the early hours of the morning, however, this is a no-no here.

Reading and Leeds(£213)

Run very similarly to V fest, this event runs in both Reading and Leeds over August bank holiday weekend. The event welcomes many genres however acts tend to be rock, Indie or metal. They have been lucky enough to host such amazing and well known acts such as Green day, AC/DC, The who and Pink Floyd who have all headlined throughout the 62 years it has been running.


1: They offer a payment scheme- Like I have said before this can be the deciding factor for someone and does make a big difference. 

2: No children- It is recommended that young children do not attend as there are no family-friendly facilities. This could be seen as an advantage by some as there isn’t little kids running around. 


1: Rowdy crowds- Reading and Leeds has a reputation for acts being bottled off. Some don’t even manage to stay on stage for 10 minutes. 

Parklife(£199 excluding camping)

Parklife has taken place every year since 2010 making it the youngest festival I’m going to talk about. It takes place in Heaton Park, Manchester in the middle of June also making it one of the first in the festival season. Over the years some of my favourite acts have played making it a dream of mine to attend. Past headliners include Two door cinema club, Plan B and this year The 1975.


1: Non-commercial- Parklife is an independent festival that works with local businesses and artists. I have read online that it has a very wholesome vibe. 

2: No Drugs- They have a zero drugs policy this applies to both illegal and legal highs. They are very confident with this which is really important and reassuring. 


1: No under 17’s- Under 17-year-olds are not allowed to attend and 17-year-olds have to be accompanied by someone 18 or over. This is a bit of a let down if you are under 17 and some of your favourite acts are playing, but rules are rules.

2: No camping-  Parklife does not offer camping. Some people would argue that camping is part of the festival experience and without it, it’s not a true practice. This could also be a problem if you have travelled really far and then have to find alternatives. 

Isle of wight (£195)

Isle of wight festival took place for the first time in 1968 and ran to 1970 before being revived by different people in 2002 and has run annually since then. The festival has won many awards including ‘Best Major Festival’ in 2007. Headliners from past years include ‘The who’, ‘Kings of Leon’ and ‘The stone roses’. This year’s acts include ‘Catfish and the bottlemen’ and ‘kaiser chiefs’


1: They have an ambassador programme. When you sell 6 tickets you get one free one and when you sell more the rewards get bigger and more exclusive. This is a great and budget-friendly option if you are confident you can sell tickets. 


1: Travel- Unless you live on the island you will have to travel by ferry or plane. This can be expensive especially on top of ticket, food and accommodation prices.

Obviously here I only spoke about 5 but there are so many amazing festivals out there with fantastic lineups. Some are genre specific for example ‘Download’ that is for Heavy metal+rock and some have really diverse lineups that are great for discovering new music.

There is a festival out there for everyone to enjoy. I know this is just for the UK, if anyone wants me to I would love to speak about another country as there are some really good festivals out there.

Until next time, goodbye guys.

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