Top 5 most underrated ‘The 1975’ songs/ Five on Friday (5)

Hi everyone, I am back today with my 5 on Friday, of course, five on Friday is when I write a countdown on a specific theme. Today I am going to be sharing with you 5 songs by British Indie-rock band ‘The 1975’ that I feel are underrated. I love all the band’s music and these are just songs I don’t get enough appreciation. Enjoy its and if you like it give it a share because I put out three posts a week.


This is from the boy’s debut self-titled album and is definitely one of my favourites of theirs. This track has a minute and a half instrumental introduction before hitting us with Matty’s soulful voice reciting the lyrics rapidly. This song is really fast paced when the lyrics kick in however, I can see why a lot of people skip this one as the build up can feel a little long sometimes.


I have to admit I didn’t give this song the appreciation and attention it needed until I was lucky enough to hear it live when I went to see them back in December, You can read about that here: The 1975 o2 arena. It’s slow building and the guitar riff that Adam pulls out of nowhere will literally take your breath away it’s so flawless. This is an excellent song, I just love it so so so much.


The reason this is underrated is because it’s actually hidden. It’s from their third studio EP ‘Sex’ and it’s hidden at the end of the track ‘You’ which is 26 minutes long. ‘You’ itself runs up to 4:50 and Milk itself doesn’t start until 23:58. A lot of people don’t even notice the song which I think is a real shame because of its a really stunning song. They actually released in on 7″ vinyl late last year but I still haven’t got round to ordering it.

So far (It’s alright)

Another one of my favourites, This song from the IV EP which is my far the best EP in my opinion. This track has a very lighthearted and soft feel that I feel works really well with Matty’s energetic rhythmic vocal tone. The lyrics are very obviously written about Mattys childhood and teenage years. I feel they are very personal for example  “you just sit at Pete’s house playing video games, doing sniff that you can’t afford?”  I am so obsessed with this song and I really urge you to check it out because I can’t even put into words how perfect it is.


This is the closing song of the bands 4th EP ‘Facedown’. Beautifully haunting is the only way to describe this song. Its main focus point is Mattys vocals with the instrumentals taking a backseat on this one. I’m not really sure why this song is not spoken about too much because I think it’s perfect however it must just be a little too slow for some.

Did you agree with me? Comment down below or tweet me, I love to find out what you guys think.

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