Ships have sailed/ Artist of the week 11/5/17

Hello everybody, welcome back to another one of my artist of the week posts. If you don’t already know what this series is then let me give a short explanation. Each week I share with you a post about an artist or band that I really enjoy. They will usually be unsigned and not in the mainstream yet. I have so much fun finding new music and I love nothing more than sharing it with my readers.

Today, however, I am actually going to be talking about a band I have written about previously and that is ‘Ships have sailed’. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you may remember the post, but if you are new here is a link Have I just found my new obsession?

Ships have sailed is made up of Will Carpenter and Art Andranikyan, they are both super friendly and cool, I really do feel that when you find a band that make quality music and then you find out they are great people as well is just a huge bonus as I do like to invest myself in the people that make the music as well as just the music. I interact with them regularly through social media and I really enjoy having that connection with musicians I love and respect.

Their website uses the phrase “balance between exuberant pop and substantial alternative rock”, I honestly couldn’t agree more. I love it when artists/bands are able to fuse two genres to create something unique and Ships have sailed 100% pull it off. They have built a rather large discography and since my last post they have released their single ‘Up’. Up has gathered a lot of positive press and I can’t do anything but to add to that. The song is such a feel good catchy summer track I have had it on repeat over the last couple of weeks.

I was also lucky enough to have won a competition set up by them. I won their kitchen Sink merch bundle, it arrived yesterday and I am so in love with it all. So much love to the guys because they do give back to their fans.

Big thank you guys I really appreciate everything you do, please keep doing what you are doing and come over to see me soon.

 All ships have sailed’s links:

Instagram- @shipshavesailed

Twitter- @shipshavesailed

Facebook-ships have sailed

youtube-ships have sailed

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