5 artists I HATE!​ / Five on Friday 19/5/17

Hi everybody, I am back today with another post in my five on Friday series. Of course, five on Friday is when I write a countdown on a specific theme, Todays is going to be a slightly more negative post but I figured if I always talk about music I love then I should also share with you the music that I really don’t enjoy.

A Little disclaimer here: I’m not going to lie I really don’t like these artists but If you do then please don’t be offended, everyone likes different music and I’m sure you don’t like the artists I do. And obviously, I don’t ‘Hate’ these artists the title is over exaggeration.

1: Meghan Trainor.

The second Meghan hit the mainstream scene with the awful ‘All about that bass’ I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy her. The song is cringingly cheesy to the point that I feel I physically can’t listen to it. Not only does it sound awful the message of the song is in my opinion really wrong. The lyrics are about being fat and proud, which dont get me wrong is fine, great in fact. Where I start to disagree is when she instead of just being happy and singing about herself she decided to refer to people are ‘Skinny Bitches’ this in my opinion totally goes against the Body positivity topic she was trying to put out there. Everything she has released from there on I haven’t enjoyed as her voice is just annoying and the songs feel as if they are written by some angry teenage feminist that doesn’t really understand what feminism means.

2: The chainsmokers.

I honestly don’t know how they ever expected to be taken seriously after releasing their track #Selfie back in 2014, it was awful. The best way to describes it comes courtesy of Miles Raymer from the Chicago Reader he described the track as “garbage, paint-by-numbers EDM”.They released their debut album ‘Memories…do not open’ last month and I can safely say that it hasn’t got any better since #selfie. They try so hard to pander to a teenage audience throwing in every cliche going whether that’s taking about drinking, partying or sex baring in mind they are they are 27 and 32 you would assume they would be past their douchey frat boy stage. They have also come across as really poorly in interviews and just generally really unprofessional. I feel their success is going to be very short-lived.

3: Ariana Grande

Firstly I just don’t enjoy her songs and I find her over sexualized lyrics really cringe-worthy as she does have such a young fanbase. I feel she is super overrated. She has done a lot of stuff to give people reasons to dislike her. A lot of the things she has done has been swept under the rug, anyone remember the video of her being super rude in that doughnut show and declaring that she ‘Hates Americans’?  the way she behaved in this video was enough for me to want to stay clear of her music. There are also loads of reports from fans saying how rude she was when they met, She is known to give interviewers a hard time and to have other diva demands.Personally for me if I don’t like an artist I find it really hard to way to get involved and to listen to their music and Ariana is a prime example of this.

4: Iggy Azalea

Iggy’s music is mediocre at best, and to be honest even that’s a bit of a stretch. Iggy also has a reputation for being both homophobic and racist. Tweets surfaced back in 2013 of tweets the Australian star sent in 2010 and 2011. She responded in a tweet and apologised but I personally don’t see why she thought that was the appropriate way to respond to tweets of such a serious nature. I don’t think she’s ever going to be huge as she just doesn’t have an overly memorable or striking personality.

5: Adele

I know this will come as a shocker to some people as Adele is one of the biggest acts our country has to offer but I can’t follow the crowd with this one. Yes her voice is absolutely stunning but after I heard it once I just began to get bored of it. I didn’t listen to 25 more than twice purely because nothing drew me back to it, in fact, It just made me wonder what makes people like Adele? Her songs are all about relationships and breakups and honestly, it just gets annoying after a while. A lot of people like her for her ‘Outgoing’, ‘relatable’ and ‘down to earth’  personality but I really have to question how much of her persona is genuine and how much is enhanced for increased sales.

Did you agree with my top 5? Comment yours down below or contact me on my social medias.

 I’ll see you in my next post, byeee.

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