Hi everybody, I am back today to share with you another one of my favourite brands.

Today I am going to speak about a company named ‘VeryVez’. Veryvez was established this year by a lovely stay at home mum and the name was inspired by her daughter Verity. The shop runs on the online marketplace for independent creators ‘Etsy’. Here on my blog, I have spoken about other people to use the platform and I feel it’s an amazing platform that is why I am always keen to speak about people that use it.

Very Vez sells a dynamic range of high quality prints. Some are black and white, others are coloured, some are quotes and some are images. There is something I feel everyone could fall in love with.

I was lucky to have been sent over two prints of my choice, and I am obsessed with them.

The first was an A4 print with the words ‘Kiss me’, obviously this is the name of a song from Ed Sheeran’s debut album ‘Plus’. My room is filled with Ed Sheeran posters etc so this will look really cute by my desk. The font looks really smooth and obviously, It is printed on really high-quality paper.

The second print I was sent was an A5 print of a treble clef music note. I choose this one because of my obvious love for music. I have a photo wall of pictures from all my concerts as a college, I think as this one is smaller I am going to incorporate It into that. This one was printed on matte paper. It’s simplistic yet bold and I can’t wait to see how it looks on my wall.

Not only do they produce high-quality prints they also make personalised invites and save the date cards. The owner of the shop Vicky is super nice as is always willing to help and assist with any problems or queries you may have. All prints also come packaged in a cardboard envelope to ensure they get to you in perfect condition.

I really recommend you go and check out VeryVez all the links you need are below, I would like to say a huge thank you to Vicky for my prints.




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