I spent how much on music and merchandise??? (UPDATED)

Hello everybody, today I am back with an updated version of a post I wrote about a year ago now and it’s one that I enjoyed writing but also shocked me a little. That is the post where I added up all the money I have spent on music and merchandise to find out my grand total, and it was quite a large amount of money, You can read the original post here: I have spent how much money on music and merchandise ? 😱. However today I am going to calculate my updated total, let’s get started…


Ed Sheeran O2 concert tickets (2014) – 2 tickets= £110

Ed Sheeran Wembley tickets (2015) – 2 tickets= £111

Ed Sheeran O2 tickets (2017) – 2 tickets= £160

Brighton Dome tickets Jamie Lawson- 2 tickets= £40

Blossoms Brighton Dome tickets- 1 ticket= £20

The 1975 o2 tickets- £70


 Ed Sheeran Wembley tour top- £20

Ed Sheeran Wembley tote  bag- £10

Ed Sheeran Wembley program- £15

U.K. Tour Dates 2014 t-shirt- £20

The 1975 tour t-shirt- £25

Ed Sheeran divide UK tour T-shirt- £25

The 1975 tour bracelet- £5

Ed Sheeran 2014 tour bracelet- £5

Ed Sheeran 2017 tour bracelet – £5

Blossoms tour t-shirt – £20

Rory Wynne T-shirt- £10

Jamie Lawson tour T-shirt – £15


Ed Sheeran Grey love heart shirt- £20

The 1975 marble logo t-shirt- £13

The 1975 Logo T-shirt- £15

Ed Sheeran black logo shirt- £10

Ed Sheeran Hoodies and Jumpers – 4 = £40

Ed Sheeran baseball shirt- £36


Posters (various artists) – 9 posters= £30

Ed Sheeran Mugs – 2= £10

Ed Sheeran Coaster- £5

A visual journey by Ed Sheeran – £10

A+ An Ed Sheeran biography – £10

Ed Sheeran Cardboard cutout- £35

Calendars- 3= £30

Taylor by Taylor perfume – £15

Taylor incredible things perfume- £20

Wonderstruck boxset perfume – £20


Multiply-Ed Sheeran- £25

Loose Change-Ed Sheeran – £9.99

gameshow- Two door cinema club Deluxe – £36

Love and hate- Michael Kiwanuka- £15

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it- The 1975- £25

Divide deluxe box set- Ed Sheeran-£34

Writings on the wall- Sam Smith- £1

Who the fuck are the arctic monkeys- Arctic Monkeys- £10

Blossoms unplugged for record store day 2017- Blossoms- £24

The Amazons- The Amazons- £17.99

Royal Blood- Royal Blood- £14.99

Top 5 Collaborations Project- Ed Sheeran- £9.99

Live at Bedford-Ed Sheeran- £9.99

Shangri-La- Jake Bugg- £11.99

Blossoms- Blossoms- £8.99

back to black- Amy Winehouse- £11.99

Like at Glastonbury- Coldplay- £10

 100-The hunna- £20

 American idiot-Green Day- £15.99

Phase- Jack Garratt- £15.99


O- Damian Rice  – £1.99

A Hundred Million Suns- Snow Patrol – £1.99

Back from the Edge-James Arthur -£7.99

Some nights- FUN- £1.99

4- Beyonce- £1.99

Wrong Crowd- Tom Odell- £7.99

Starboy-The weeknd- £10

One my One- Jake Bugg- £10

Final Straw- Snow Patrol- £1.99

Last night on earth- Last night on earth- £1.99

Songs I wrote with Amy ep- Ed Sheeran- £6.99

Live at Bedford ep-Ed Sheeran – £6.99

Top 5 collaborations ep- Ed Sheeran- £6.99

Loose change ep- Ed Sheeran- £6.99

Hozier-Hozier- £3.50

Beauty behind the madness- The weeknd- £7.50

Jamie Lawson-Jamie Lawson-  £7.50

Chaos and the calm-James Bay- £7.50

I like it when you sleep… –The 1975 –  £7.50

Unbreakable smile- Tori Kelly- £6.99

Red- Taylor Swift- £5

1989- Taylor Swift- £11.99

Beyonce-Beyonce- £5.99

In the lonely hour-Sam Smith- £5

Blurry face-Twenty One pilots £4.99

Acoustic- Various- £5

Lemonade- Beyonce -£12.99

Moodswings- Ships Have Sailed- £3.99

The grand total is….£1508.73, wow that has over doubled for last year. That is a lot of money. I can’t wait to do this again next year and see how much it changes.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this. Maybe it had got you thinking about how much money you have spent over the years, maybe work it out and comment below or send it over to me on Twitter as I am intrigued to see how much others spend.

Have an amazing week 🙂

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