My top 5 boxsets // 5 on Friday (6)

Hi everybody, welcome back to another one of my Five on Friday posts. If you don’t already know five on Friday is when I write a five piece countdown on a specific theme. Today I am going to share with you my top 5 album box sets and trust me there are some good ones.

If you are a person that prefers downloads then you may not be aware of boxsets, but if you do collect records and enjoy your music in physical format then chances are you love a good boxset.

Here are my top 5 boxsets…

1: The XX-  I SEE YOU 

This is one that I actually own, it comes in a silver mirrored box which believe it or not is extremely hard to take pictures of due to it being so reflective. Inside the reflective theme continues with a reflective sleeve containing the album on basic 180g heavyweight vinyl, which in all fairness I was slightly disappointed by as with the bright theme I feel they could have maybe tried a bit of colour. Also included is another 12″ containing the deluxe tracks, 3 prints with images of the members, a Cd copy of the album and an enhanced disk featuring videos and demo tracks.

I love the whole reflective theme and aesthetic with this one not to mention the album is fantastic.

IT retails for £40 but is currently reduced to £22.00 on their official website, pick it up here: I SEE YOU BOXSET


This is one of the more expensive if not the most expensive boxset I am going to be talking about today. When The 1975 released their second studio album ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ they also put out a beautiful boxset. If you follow the 1975 then you will know they have very strong aesthetics with their social media, album covers and show productions and this is followed over beautifully in this boxset. You get the album pressed on transparent heavyweight vinyl, a Cd copy of the album, a picture book, a letter from the band and last but not least a 7″ vinyl with the songs ‘love me and ‘The Sound’ also pressed on heavyweight transparent vinyl. This boxset was actually up for a Grammy, so you know it must be good.

This one is quite expensive at £75 but you do get quite a lot for your money. But it here: ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI BOXSET

Use links below to save image.

3: Halsey- BADLANDS

Although I don’t overly like Halsey or her music, I have to say this boxset is really nice. You get a lot for your money here. SOmethign I do find a bit odd is that you don’t actually get the album on vinyl but you do get a 7″ vinyl of two unreleased tracks. In my opinion, it is a bit strange but I guess it does make it more cost effective which is always good.  Not only do you receive the album on Cd, Halsey stencil, Button Pack, Halsey Logo enamel pin, Lithograph of a hand drawn illustration by Halsey, sticker phone decals
and a story prologue written by Halsey. This I feel is good value for money and will appeal to Halsey’s younger audience.

Buy from Halsey’s official website for £34.99 here: BADLANDS BOXSET

4- Ed Sheeran- DIVIDE

This is by far one of my favourite boxsets I love the way this was put together. I have spoken about this numerous times in the past because I just love it so so much. SO let’s actually get into it. Instead of just all being shoved into a box like many boxsets this one has all been put into a book, containing the album on Heavyweight bright blue vinyl, deluxe CD, book with pictures and lyrics, Silver plated necklace and digital download. I love how it was packaged and it was super limited and is no longer available making it really rare. You can buy them second hand on eBay for a lot of money if you really want one.

If you want to have a more in-depth look then click the link here: DIVIDE BOXSET

÷ (Deluxe Boxset) Ed Sheeran Store

5: Gorillaz: HUMANZ

This is the 1: the most expensive boxset I’m featuring today and 2: the weirdest. Let me explain, so this is actually a collection of 14 12″ singles. The A side of each record has one track from the album and the B-side is an alternate version of the song. To me, this is both pretty pointless but also really kind of cool. It also comes with what the band’s official website describes as a “54 page, CLoth-bound, foiled-back, hardback book containing original artwork”. This sounds pretty nice until you find out that costs £274… I mean that is a lot but if you love the Gorillaz then chances are you would be willing to pay.

Mad Gorillaz fan click here to buy: HUMANZ SUPER DELUXE BOXSET

Humanz: Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my favourite boxsets. Comment down below your favourite whether it’s the same as one of mine or different , I would love to hear what you all think.

See you all in my next post, byeeee


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