Hi guys, today isn’t a post I had actually scheduled but I just had to put this out there.

As many of you may know the long awaited iOS 11 dropped yesterday and I’m just going to talk you through all its new features and what I like and dislike about it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Firstly I would like to tell you how I got it, I got it through this link: simply click the link and you can download directly from your phone without any computer It’s super easy to do If you have any problems then just drop me a DM and I will try to help. Mine took about half an hour to fully install which I felt was pretty good.

It goes without saying that because this is the first beta it isn’t going to run very well and there will be lots of bugs. So just a little warning if you think that will really annoy you or be a big issue then I don’t recommend getting it just yet maybe wait for a further beta because the first isn’t going to be the more reliable for day to day use.

Let’s just talk through some of the main features:


The first upgrade I am going to talk about is the biggest difference you will see with this update and that this the changes within the control centre. With iOS 10 we saw a revamp of the control centre so I am surprised they have changed it so drastically again. It is now on one singular page as suppose to the old two. The icons are more compact with slider rectangles to control brightness and volume and a smaller music player. You now also have the ability to add extra control to the control centre including mobile data switches magnifier and low power mode switch. This leads me nicely to my second new feature…


We finally have a screen recorder!! yes finally, so many iPhone users have been wanting this for so long, apps have been made for this but they are usually deleted very swiftly from the app store as Apple just don’t like them. Now it’s here so people can easily record their screens for whatever they desire. I personally don’t know how much use I will make out of this but I guess it’s pretty cool.


Now when you have music playing instead of the music player taking up the whole of your lock screen it will only take up the upper half leaving room for notifications to be viewed. Just a small little tweak that is just nice to have.


You no longer have a notification pull down screen. Instead, when you slide down you are taken to your lock screen. It doesn’t lock and you can slide it back up it but I personally don’t like this as I prefer the lock screen and the notifications centre being separate. This does feel like something they may get rid of in later betas.


Whenever you now take a screenshot it will be displayed in the bottom left-hand corner. From there if you touch it you will be taken into a mode where you can draw on the screenshot. I’m not sure how much I will be using this but I guess it is quite fun and cool to have there.


A lot of smaller changes were also made,the passcode buttons you use to enter your passcode now has no outline providing a smoother look, animations that happen when an app is open or closed are now more noticeable, Icon labels are removed along bottom of home screen and when you are moving the apps around a home page then there is a bit more resilience with moving being more sticky.

Overall I feel this is a good update, obviously, a lot will change between now and the final release but this is a good start and provides an excellent insight into how the final version will run.

What do you think of iOS 11, do you have it, do you like it drop me a comment below or DM we as I would love to know what you think. Byeee…


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