The Vinyl Tag.

Hi everybody, I hope you have all had a good week. Today I am going to be doing The Vinyl Tag, I got these questions from the fantastic ARTV you can catch his video here: ARTV VINYL TAG

Obviously, I only started collecting vinyl last year so I am slightly limited in my choices but maybe I will do this next year to see how my choices have changed. Let’s get started with the questions.

How many records do you own?

I currently have 30 records that I listen to and a couple more framed on my wall.

What kind of record player do you have?

In the past year I have had 3, the first being one I stupidly bought from Aldi, to be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking buying a record player from a supermarket but I was so desperate for one. I actually had to return it because it didn’t spin at the right speed and everything was slightly sped up. The second one I had was the GPO stylo, It’s a great beginners turntable but nothing I could have stuck with for a long time as the sound quality wasn’t great due to its built-in speakers. The third one and my current record player was an HMV exclusive bundle, the speakers are of pretty good standard but the player itself does skip a lot as it doesn’t have a counterweight so I am going to save and hopefully buy the Audio technica lp120 as many people praise it.

How old were you when you started collecting records?

I really started getting into them in about May last year so I would have been 15.  I was interested in records for about a year before I started buying them.

What’s the oldest record you own?

I have an original pressing of the Grease soundtrack, Grease is my all time favourite film so when I found this is a box of records my Nan gave me I was so excited. I love it so much and I think it’s a great thing to have in my collection.

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What’s the first record you ever got?

The first record I got was Ed Sheeran’s Multiply. I got it on Ebay for a really low price, it’s still one that I listen to now.

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First Record you bought with your own money?

Another Ed Sheeran one here, It was actually the second record I ever got as well. It was Ed Sheeran’s Loose change, my personal favourite of all his EP’s. I brought it from my local HMV.

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What’s your favourite colour vinyl?

It has to be The Hunnas debut album 100, It’s pressed on Limited edition pink sparkle vinyl. It is genuinely the prettiest record I have ever seen, they also pressed it on blue and purple however I love the pink as it is really bright.

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What is a discount album you own?

For this one, I would have to say the 1978 release ‘Classic rock’ recorded by The London Symphony Orchestra. I actually got this from a car boot sale for £1.50 a couple of weeks ago and it’s just a lovely one to have in my collection and with such a low price I couldn’t resist picking it up.

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What is your prized possession?

I was super excited when I came across an unofficial pressing of Coldplays 2016 Glastonbury set in a small shop in Camden Market. It’s my prized possession as its one that I never knew existed but has become one of my favourite records.

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A record by a female artist

Amy Winehouse- Back to black. This is my far Amys best album and It just sounds fantastic on vinyl. It’s a classic and an album I feel everyone should own it.

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A record by your favourite band

This has to go to I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975. This was my favourite album of last year and it is pressed on stunning transparent vinyl that plays beautifully. Like I have mentioned before I feel that every song on this album has a different vibe and takes you on a different journey yet somehow they all fit together perfectly.

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An impulse buy

I have had many impulsive buys but the stand out one would have to be The XX boxset that I only brought a couple of weeks ago. I did like the band beforehand but the discount on the boxset did persuade me to buy it. I’m glad I did because it’s a fantastic album but the buy was impulsive and very in the moment.

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A gift

This year for my birthday one of my gifts from my parents I got the deluxe version of Two door cinema clubs ‘Gameshow’. This is the edition is pressed on transparent deep blue vinyl, has a holographic + gatefold and a 7″ vinyl with 2 bonus tracks. Its a must to have for any super fan of the band, like myself.

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 Most played record

 I tend to go through phases where I listen to a certain record for a long time so It’s really hard to say but a few of my most played include Green Day-American Idiot, The 1975- I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it and Royal Blood- Royal blood.

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 A rarity

This is one that I have spoken about it many posts this year, and that is Ed Sheeran’s Divide boxset. I’m not sure how many were made but I do know it was only on sale for a short period of time and they aren’t available for purchase anymore. In this edition, the album was pressed on powdered blue vinyl that was exclusive to the box set.

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 A rainy day record

This one has to go to Jack Garratt’s Phase, there is something really soothing about this album. It got some very soft tracks on there that are just perfect for relaxing to, I often listen to this album when writing blog posts and reading as it does help to keep me focused.

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 A feel good album

A mix of Folk and rock is enough to make anyone feel good and Jake Bugg does it perfectly with his second studio album ‘Shangri la’. I discovered Jake after watching loads of festival sets last year and I was so captivated by his voice that every time I hear him It surprises me. This is my personal favourite of his 3 albums as it’s his most cheerful and upbeat.

  A nostalgic record

Without a moment of doubt, this has to go to Ed Sheeran’s debut album ‘Plus’. This is the first album I fully fell in love with. I first heard this album after I was given it for Christmas back in 2011 when I was just 10 years old and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. I have gone through 6 years with it so I think that’s pretty cool. I was lucky to get this on vinyl as an HMV exclusive with a limited edition sleeve.

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A RSD (Record Store Day) purchase

I only have one record store day release and that is an exclusive release from Blossoms. It’s an EP they recorded with The no6 Ensemble at Portmeirion Town hall for festival no6. It’s pressed as a 10″ picture disk.It sounds fantastic, I love what they did with the tracks and I just love watching it spinning as it’s so colourful. I feel very lucky to have it.

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 A recent purchase

Just last weekend I picked up Snow Patrols ‘Eyes open’ at my local HMV for only £7.99. It’s an album I have liked for ages but just have never got round to buying it on vinyl so when I saw it was at such a low price I could not resist.

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I hope you have all liked this little insight into my record collection and my vinyl journey. I would like to thank ARTV again for originally sharing this tag with me.

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