Moses / Artist of the week 28/06/17

Hello everybody, today I am back with the latest in my ‘Artist of the week’ series. Of course, this series is the one where I share with you an artist I have been loving over the past week in less than 400 words. I’m happy to say this week’s artist is a fantastic little band called ‘Moses’

Moses are a London based four piece that formed not too long ago in 2015. Since then they have formed a loyal following and have released their self-titled EP.

I have really enjoyed listening to the EP as its got such a fresh feel to it and you can tell how much passion and determination went into making it and I love it when that can come across in the music itself. If I had to pick a favourite track it would have to be ‘1,2,3 Old’ because I love the contrast of levels of energy.

You can purchase the EP on my favourite format here: 10″ VINYL EP HERE It’s only £7.99 which I think is a really good price for such a fantastic EP.

Their latest single ‘King size’ was released on the 2nd of June and I’m literally obsessed with it. They have already premiered the video over on their official youtube channel:

I really hope you enjoyed reading this, It would be really cool if you checked out the band because they are genuinely one of my favourites of the moment, all of their social media links are below,




I am looking for new artist to be part of this series, fill out the form below to submit and band or artist.

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