The music tag.

Hi everybody, I hope you have all had a good week. As you can see from the title today I am going to be doing the music tag. My good friend Chloë over at tagged me to do this, you should definitely check her out because the quality of her content is amazing.

I also did the vinyl tag a couple of weeks back so it would be really cool if you checked that out: The Vinyl Tag.

Let’s get into the questions…

1: Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

This one has to go to emerging Reading rock band The Amazons, their debut album is one of them albums that sticks to you and has serious replay factor. I have found that within the indie rock scene that a lot of the music is generic and can sound the same but The Amazons are a band that really stands out to me.

2: Which artist do you own the most albums by?

Ed Sheeran, I own each of his albums on CD, Vinyl and download… so that’s quite a lot.

3: What was the last song you listened to?

The last song I listened to was ‘Moments I’m missing’ by Nina Nesbitt featuring Goody Grace. This song was released just over a week ago and I absolutely love it. Nina’s voice it’s so haunting and leaves me speechless every time. The songs lyrical content is extremely personal and I feel like you get to know Nina a lot better.

4: What’s on your turntable right now?

Currently on my turntable is one of my Green Day picture disks from the collection that I managed to get hold of last week. I think it’s the ‘Holday’ single with the B-side ‘Minority’. A post is coming soon where I will be speaking more about these records to keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming weeks.

5: What was the last show you attended? 

The last show I attended was actually Green Day in Hyde park on the 1st of July, it was such a fantastic day with some amazing supports. I wrote a full post about this show that you can read here if you are interested: Green Day at BST in Hyde Park!

6: What’s the greatest show you’ve ever been to?

I have mentioned this before but I was lucky enough to have had the chance to attend a live recording of MTV live stage featuring The Amazons, It was in a tiny dome inside a warehouse at the Excel Centre London. There were only about 20 people there so it was really intimate however the atmosphere was electric.  The show is actually being broadcast tonight at 8pm on MTV, be sure to check that out and maybe catch a glimpse of me in the background.

7: What’s the worst show you’ve ever been to?

To be honest, I have never gone to a show and thought that it was awful however if I did have to pick the show I enjoyed the least, reluctantly I would have to say Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium back in 2015. This is purely for one reason and that is that I felt the atmosphere was lacking a bit. Obviously, Wembley Stadium is bloody massive which pretty much explains it but as it was summer it was also very light meaning Ed’s visual production wasn’t 100%. I still had a great time and Ed was fantastic but I did feel a little disconnected.

8: What’s show are you looking forward to?

This is a very hard one, however, I would have to say Leefest. I was lucky enough to be given a press ticket to attend the festival next month and I’m super excited to be seeing headliner Jake Bugg because I have been a fan of his for a while now. Other names on the lineup I’m excited to see include Wild beasts and Fickle friends. Expect to hear a lot more about Leefest in the coming month. I am also looking forward to Royal blood in November and hoping to see Creeper in October as well.

9: What’s your favourite band shirt?

Probably my Green Day Revolution radio t-shirt I got when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. I love the album artwork and the classic Green Day font so this shirt was a must have and with the tour dates on the back, it’s a great reminder of the show. It’s also super comfortable so that’s a plus.

10: One artist you wish would make a comeback?

This is a no brainer, of course, it’s Oasis, as much as I am absolutely loving Liam’s solo endeavours I would love to see the band reunite.

11: One artist I’ve always wanted to see live, but never have?

Florance + The Machine, The other day I was watching their 2016 Hyde park show and it made me realise how much I would love to see them live. Florance Welsh’s voice literally leaves me speechless and her stage presence is captivating and I just feel like when she performs she has the crowd in the palm of her hand.

12: Name four or more flawless albums

This is really hard for me but If I had to choose only four I would have to say the self-titled Cigarettes after sex album, What’s the story morning glory by Oasis, Hozier’s self-titled and last but not least I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975.

13: How many musical-related DVD/CD’s do you own?

I own too many CD’s to count and as far as musical DVD’s are concerned my next Five on Friday post is going to be talking about just that so you will see soon.

14: How many concerts/festivals have you been to?

I have been to 12 concerts and festivals where I have seen around 30 acts 🙂

I really do love doing these tag posts and letting you all get to know my musical tastes I hope you enjoyed reading it. A huge thank you again to Chloë for tagging me to do this. Have an amazing week and I will see you in my next post

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