Top 5 singles of the 00’s // Five on Friday (8)

Hello everyone, Today I am back with another post in my five on Friday series If you don’t already know five on Friday is when I write a five piece countdown on a specific theme. In today’s post, I am going to share with you my five favourite singles of the 2000’s. Now I have to admit that 90’s music was a lot better than the 00’s and I did actually struggle to find 5 that I really did love that weren’t all from Green Days American Idiot. Anyway, I did manage to find 5 and here they are…

I bet you look good on the dance floor- The arctic monkeys -2005

This award winning track is the first one that I think of when it comes to true British Indie rock. It got a lot of radio play back in 2005 and it even went to number one on the UK singles chart. It was their first and possibly biggest hit, It came from their debut album ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’. I have a lot of respect for the Arctic Monkeys their sound is very unique and timeless. This song is just one that I can remember hearing growing up and one that I still continue to listen to and enjoy today.

Black to Black- Amy Winehouse- 2006

The title track from Amys second and final studio album had to make an appearance. This is such a brilliant opening track to what is a fantastic album. The influence taken from 60’s girl bands was evident and made for a soul driven track. Amys vocals are exceptional and I love the soft backing vocals that even create a choir vibe at points.

American Idiot- Green Day- 2004

It would not be a list of the best songs of the 00’s without at least one mention of Green Day. The politically fueled album dominated the chart globally and was the album that really helped them smash the UK. However, It’s not the album we are talking about here it’s the title track ‘American Idiot’ this song was about anger Billie Joe Armstrong felt following news coverage of the Iraq War and how he felt it was being shown more like a reality show. The lyrics are genius and while sounding very up-tempo have do have a dark underlying meaning which I think is something Green Day often do very well.

Seven Nation Army- The white stripes- 2003

This song stands out to me due that classic riff running throughout, fun fact although it sounds like its being played on a bass guitar it actually isn’t the band have never used a bass guitar and it was actually recorded on a semi acoustic. I only found that out when I was researching for this post and I thought it was very interesting. The song is all about progression and making your voice heard it is often used at political protests and even sporting events, I absolutely love what this song represents. Anyway, I just adore everything about this song and although it’s not my favourite White Stripes song ever it is up there in my top 5.

 Mr Brightside- The Killers- 2004

This is the single that really launched American rock band the killers and one that I still love today. When released back in 2004 people globally really took to this song with it even being named as the greatest song of the 21st century. The heartfelt lyrics of Flowers discovering his girlfriend had cheated on them are underlined by heavy drums and a rich guitar tone.This song was groundbreaking for both the band and guitar music in the chart.

So there it is my favourite songs of the 00’s, I really love writing this posts and I am really excited for future posts that I’m currently planning.

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One thought on “Top 5 singles of the 00’s // Five on Friday (8)

  1. Good picks!! Amy Winehouse! One can only imagine the amazing music that could have been.
    One the more positive side of things, it is hard to imagine what the current music scene would look like without Jack White, and Seven Nation Army was certainly what got everyone’s attention. He’s worked on tons of big records (for other artists, and for his own bands) since then.

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