July Playlist!

Hi guys, I hope you have all had a good week. As you can see by the title this is my July playlist where I will be sharing with you all the music I have been loving over the past month. This past month I have found a lot of cool music so I am really excited to share these tracks and albums with you, so let’s get into the post…

 Chinatown- Liam Gallagher

This is the second pre album release single from Liam Gallaghers first solo album ‘As you were’ that is dropping in October. The song is lead by a thumping bass drum beat that is used throughout the majority of the track to keep it grounded and flowing.The use of both acoustic and electric guitars really makes me feel as if I’m going on a journey possibly from moving from day to night. The acoustic gives a very singer songwriter vibe which is then contrasted by the use of the electric to bring through the rock. Liam’s voice is always one that I enjoy as it’s so melodic and rich, and I mean I have never heard anyone with a voice that’s in any way similar to Liam’s, it’s very unique and easily distinctive. I absolutely love this track so I am really excited for the album to come out and see what else it holds.

Yuk Foo – Wolf Alice

This is the song is one that I have loved since its release back in June. It’s the lead single from alt rock band Wolf Alice’s upcoming second studio album ‘Visions of a life’. The song is one that is very clearly fueled by anger and is by far the band’s loudest and frenetic track yet. Although this song isn’t overly deep lyrically I’m sure most people could relate to the lyrics especially ‘you bore me to death, you deplore me and I don’t give a shit’. It’s loud, it’s relatable and I love it. I’m also going to see them in just over 2 weeks and I’m really excited to hear this track live.

How did we get so dark- Royal Blood

Here I am talking about the whole album. ‘How did we get so dark’ is the second studio album from British rock duo Royal Blood. I genuinely cannot believe that I haven’t spoken about this album yet as they are one of my favourite bands. Anyway, this album is everything I had anticipated and more. Laced with heavy riffs and pounding beats How did we get so dark is definitely a step up from the self-titled album, you can tell they have both grown hugely as musicians. The album is quite short in length coming In at just over 30 minutes, I would have preferred a couple more tracks maybe but with an album, I would rather have too little than too much as it really shows that the artists are truly invested in the songs they choose to put on the album. Lyrically the album is mostly based on relationships, however, for me, I find it so interesting how they phrase things and take different perspectives that it doesn’t get stale as I find a lot of artists exhaust the theme of relationships. I’m going to see Royal blood in November and I’m super excited to hear some of these songs live because I have watched loads of their 2017 festival sets and they really do put on a show.

Heavy(Linkin Park cover) – Michael Hoelters Ft Jasmine Williams.

You may recognise Michaels name as one that has been mentioned here on the blog before and you would be correct, Michael featured as my artist of the week not too long ago. You can read the post here if you wish- Michael Hoelters / Artist of the week. As I mentioned in the post Michael has many heavy influences when it comes to writing and producing his own music, one of which Is Linkin Park. I am sure you are all aware by now but lead singer Chester Bennington sadly took his own life last month on the 20th of July. This was something that no one could have seen coming the band were still on their ‘One more light’ tour and working in the days leading up to Chester’s tragic death. Many fans have flooded social media with heartfelt tributes and Michael has released a cover of the band’s single ‘Heavy’ featuring singer- songwriter Kiiara. Singing the female parts of the track Michael got his good friend Jasmine involved and I have to say her vocals are stunning. This is the perfect way to honour such a fantastic musician, please take the time to give it a listen because both Michael and Jasmine spent a lot of time on it and it’s really special.

UPDATE: The song is now available to buy, all proceeds go to Samaritans buy it here : http://sevenmilestreet.wixsite.com/music

So that is it for my July playlist, I really hope you enjoyed It. I’m doing some really exciting things over the next couple of weeks that I will posts about very soon. I hope you have an amazing week and I will see you soon, bye.






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