Creeper/ Artist of the week 09/08/17

Hello everybody, today I am back with the latest in my ‘Artist of the week’ series. Of course, this series is the one where I share with you an artist I have been loving over the past week in less than 400 words. I’m happy to say this week’s artist is Southampton Punk band ‘Creeper’.

Let me tell you a bit about them, the band is made up of 6 members, Will, Ian, Hannah, Sean, Dan and Oliver. They formed in 2014 and have since released three EP’s and one studio album.

I have actually mentioned Creeper on here quite a lot, they are a band I have been following for about 6 months now. I first came across them when reading through Vevo’s Dscvr one to watch magazine at the start of the year, I then kind of forgot about them until I stumbled across their video for ‘Black Rain’ which I loved. I then delved into their older Ep’s as well as their studio album I also joined a couple of fan pages on facebook because I love to get to know other people who like the same music and Creeper have such a strong fan base.

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Following the release of their first studio album ‘ Eternity, In your arms’ the positive reviews started rolling in from all well-respected outlets including Q magazine who gave it a 4-star rating and Kerrang who gave it a well deserved 5-star rating.

Thier album has a perfect mix of just about everything, they experiment with some slower tracks and have both Male and Female vocals which just really helps to switch it up. There are songs typical of the Punk rock genre like ‘Poison pens’ which then contrasts with the the acoustic track ‘Crickets’ this contrast helps to break up and slow down the album. This is great because I feel like sometimes Punk/Rock albums can just be so fast paced that you don’t get a chance to take it in and really appreciate it but with this album, you really savour every moment.

I’m so happy that I was able to get my hands on a signed copy of Eternity, in your arms on vinyl a couple of weeks ago. I missed out on the general sale of them but I found someone on selling site Depop who had a copy for a reasonable price so I was finally happy I got one!

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Creepers popularity is growing rapidly and I cannot wait to see them get bigger, If you aren’t already familiar with them then I really do urge you to check them out because they are definitely one to watch!

Here are all the links to Creepers social medias:




2 thoughts on “Creeper/ Artist of the week 09/08/17

  1. I love Creeper!!! I got to see them live at Warped tour, and meet Will and Dan. They’re so talented and so nice!

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