This app will change the way you eat out in London forever!

Hi everybody, I hope you have all had a good week! Today I am here to share with you an app that will totally change the way that you eat out in London…The app is called ‘Cake’.

The app allows you to make reservations, split the bill and even save money in all your favourite London restaurants, bars and clubs!

Cake technologies were lovely enough to pay for me to go for a meal using the app so here is my experience.

When using the app you can view the menu, opening hours and images from all of the locations before making a reservation at the click of a button.

I went to the beautiful ‘Cattle & co’ barbecue restaurant situated not too far from Kings Cross. Upon arrival, the app prompted me to start a virtual tab within the app, I was given a number that I showed to the server after ordering my food and drinks.

The food at Cattle & co was absolutely delicious, myself and my friend Ella both ordered their Pulled pork along with two portions of their Beer and Honey battered onion rings. The pulled pork was perfectly smoked and the Onion rings were actually the size of doughnuts. The staff were all so lovely and helpful creating such a welcoming environment. I really do see myself going back there very soon.

When it comes to paying using the app you have the choice to split the bill with your friends if they also have the app, paying with credit on the app, or using your card. This means there is no sitting around waiting for the bill which just makes the whole experience of eating out a lot smoother.

I absolutely love this app, it’s super helpful and is great for finding new places to eat out as well as making eating at the ones you already love 100x easier.

Make sure to download the Cake app now and start exploring now on IOS and Android!



 I’d like to say a big thank you to both everyone from Cake and Cattle & Co!

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