Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ why I won’t be listening…

Hi everyone, so I am sure that if you have been online or even watched TV in the last 24 hours you will know that Taylor Swift has made the announcement that her Sixth studio album ‘Reputation’ is going to drop November 10th. This comes after her social media accounts were cleared of all posts and images which was shortly followed by cryptic videos of what many believe to be a snake.

I don’t like Taylor Swift, I will put it out there I will say it. I was a fan of her for a short while about a year and a half ago now but whenever I see a story about her online or listen to her songs it just all makes me cringe with how attention seeking she is and how relatable she is trying to be.

Anyway, let’s move on from my personal opinions on Taylor and let’s talk about what we know about the album so far…

So like I said in the introduction it is called ‘Reputation’ and it’s being released in November. The first single has just been released but let me come to that later because that’s another rant.

The cover has somewhat sparked controversy due to the font used. Many people have jumped to speculate that the use of this font is a dig at Kanye West who has used it on his Pablo merch.  Unless you have been living under a social media deprived rock then you will know that the pair feuded post the release of Kanye’s track ‘Famous’ in which he claimed she rose to fame due to his infamous stage invasion at the VMA awards in 2009. She claimed that she was not aware that she would be mentioned in the song, following these very public accusations Kim Kardashian leaked a video in which Taylor is heard giving Kanye verbal permission to use her in the song. This then lead to people flooding Taylor’s social media comments with the snake emojis, which people are speculating may be the reason for the snake clips I spoke about earlier. I personally think that is just attention seeking and a ploy to get people to talk about it, which lets be honest it did get a lot of people talking so I guess she got what she wanted out of that.

Image result for taylor swift reputation

We know that Taylor likes to exploit her situations for the music and this is something that I’m sure this is something that will be happening on Reputation due to her recent feuds and the breakdown of her two very public relationships. I’m bored of hearing of her failed relationships because she has already put out 5 albums of it and to be honest it is getting a bit stale.

I originally was going to post this blog post pre the release of the lead single ‘Look what you made me do’ dropping but I decided to wait because I might have been surprised and I was… surprised at how awful it is.  The verses are just filled with petty over exaggerated metaphors all in the aim to make her seem like this superior figure but just results in her sounding a bit pretentious. The chorus is awful, just awful it’s also just made up of the same line over and over again which is just is just so dull, not to mention it sounds exactly like Meghan Trainor’s ‘Me too’ chorus and I hate that song with all my heart. The musicality of the track is nothing groundbreaking and the siren effect towards the end of the track is just horrid, intrusive and completely unnecessary. Not to mention the part where she declares the old Taylor dead just absolutely cringed me to the ground. It’s a song that will get a lot of radio exposure but luckily I don’t listen to the radio (Read why here:  Why I don’t listen to radio) This track just really isn’t doing anything for me, I haven’t got high hopes for the album, I don’t like this at all.

I know a lot of people probably won’t be happy with the way I have spoken about this track and will disagree on my views towards Taylor’s attitude and music but It is just an opinion.

Anyway, I guess we will have to see what Taylor has to bring but I’m not excited about that album and I will not be in a hurry to hear it if it’s anything like the awful lead single.


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