Flying vinyl…The revolution will not be digital!

Hello everybody, today I am here to share with you something very very exciting. Imagine having five 7″ records being delivered to your door every single month, how amazing does that sound? Well, there is a company called ‘Flying Vinyl’ that offers just that! If you read this blog or follow me on any social media then you will know I’m obsessed with vinyl, so this is a dream come true!

Flying vinyl was created after a man named Craig Evens was frustrated due to how the use of the internet meant new music was not being appreciated and given the time it deserves, he founded Flying vinyl to help both music lovers find great new artists and to help fund artists to allow them to keep making music. I think this is such a fantastic service that is really working to keep the format of vinyl alive and to give new artists a platform where they know their music’s going directly to people who are going to give it time and appreciation. Obviously, as you will know if you will read the blog, I am very very passionate when it comes to both keeping vinyl alive and finding new music so this is something I had to check out for myself!

Flying Vinyl sent me over a box to try so I thought I would give a review on the service as a whole and the singles I received.

I received the box via royal mail and it was the perfect size to fit through the letter box which I think is great as you don’t have to wait in or have it dumped somewhere and risk it being damaged. The packaging was really bright and what I loved was the envelope itself turned into a little sleeve to keep them all in with the name of the month on the side meaning you could keep them on a shelf categorised by month which I think is really cool especially if you like your collection to be structured. Each months box also comes with a booklet in which you can read about the artists, I think this is great as it means you aren’t going into it totally blind. It also came with a voucher for one of the band’s album that gave you 50% off which I think is cool and super helpful if you like the single. Let’s get onto talking about the actual singles



JW Ridley

A side- Blitz

B side- 1990

JW Ridley is a singer-songwriter from London. I would describe both side A and B as Synth meets rock, both of these genres are portrayed fantastically by the combination 80’s style synth beats and guitar riffs. I especially like the B side track ‘1900’ it opens with a continuous piano note that I noticed later in the track is swapped for a synth beat, absolutely loved this as I felt they grounded the track and helped it to flow. 1990 also really reminded me of one of my favourite songs of all time The 1975’s ‘Robbers’ which I absolutely love. It’s an extremely feel good track. The booklet said that JW is for fans of The XX and I agree. JW is definitely an artist that I will stay up to date with because these two tracks are very promising.

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A side- Feel better

B side- Do Tell

Sides are a London based duo that produce dance music. I am not a fan of dance music however, I can appreciate that this is good, One thing I really love about this is the Clicking sound in the bridge of ‘Feel better’, that is just fantastic. Like I said this genre is not my cup of tea however, listening to it was a very pleasant and feel good experience and I did find myself toe tapping along. If you are into disco/dance music then definitely give ‘Sides’ a try because they are pretty cool. Also may I add that the label of this record looks awsome when it’s spinning on the turntable.

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Palm Honey

A side- Starving Hysterically naked(part one)

B side- Starving Hysterically naked(part two)

 Palm honey are a band that I’d heard of before but had never got round to listening to, so I was pretty excited when I saw that they were included in the box. This is one track split into two parts which although might make it sound as if it would drag on however it really doesn’t. The song takes you on an immersive journey of slow builds, earth shattering riffs and even techno moments. I really like this and I can safely say that this is my favourite single out of the whole box. I’m so excited to find out more about the band.

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Hey Charlie

A side- Young and Lonesome

B side- She looks like a dreamer

Here is another little surprise from Flying vinyl, some of their records are pressed on coloured vinyl. As you can see by the picture this is pressed on absolutely stunning red transparent vinyl and I love it. Hey charlie are a London based female trio that produce rock tracks that empower women. ‘Young and Lonesome’ is super dreamy and even gives me serious Lana Del Rey vibes. The B side track ‘She looks like a dreamer’ is a guitar driven track that really gives off a groovy vibe which is perfect for summer, I totally love it. I can’t belive that I have been to two festivals they have played at this summer yet I didn’t catch either of their sets. I love these girls and I cannot wait for a full-length album.

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A side- Glasgow Kisses

B side- Strobe lights

This is one I was super excited to listen to after I read the booklet and it said Estrons was for fans of The Amazons and Wolf Alice because as you all know they are two of my favourite bands. These are two tracks are totally phenomenal I cannot believe I hadn’t have heard of them sooner. The music is fun and the lyrics are catchy it’s just brilliant. It has some fantastic builds that really accentuates the choruses. This one was pressed on bright orange almost neon vinyl which is super cool and reflects the high energy of the music.

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As you can see, I am really impressed with this box, the quality of the records is astonishing and you can tell that time has gone into picking the best bands/Artists I would totally recommend subscribing to this box if you love finding new music. Its only £20 per month which includes postage which I think is such a good price considering the quality of the records. You can find out more and subscribe here: Flying

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Flying Vinyl for this box and making this post possible x

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