Lady Bird/ Artist of the week/ 30/08/17

Hello everybody, today I am back with the latest in my ‘Artist of the week’ series. Of course, this series is the one where I share with you an artist I have been loving over the past week in less than 400 words. I’m happy to say this week’s artist of the week is a Local band called ‘Lady Bird’

Lady Bird are a three piece punk band from Kent. I hadn’t heard of them before until it was announced that they would be supporting Wolf Alice at their Tunbridge wells forum gig that I was going to. I think that supporting local talent is such an important thing and I’m so glad Wolf Alice gave smaller bands and artists such an amazing platform.

Like I do with every support act of every gig I go to I headed over to Spotify to give Lady Bird a bit of a listen before I left the house to go to the gig.I really enjoyed what I heard and it made me super excited to see them live.

Their 4 track EP ‘Social potions’ was released early this year and it’s bloody fantastic. It absolutely screams British Punk at me and I love that because I don’t feel like we have enough new punk bands emerging here in the UK. My favourite song on the EP would have to be ‘Leave me Alone’ purely because how amazing it was live.

The energy all three of them had on stage was mad, it was the sweatiest gig I had ever been to and I really felt for them because they were all dripping with sweat by the end of the set. I think it’s really easy to win over a big crowd of people but to really engage everyone in a small room when you can see each and every one of their faces I imagine could be quite daunting but everyone in the crowd was absolutely loving it and having such a fantastic time.


I was gutted to find out that they played Leefest the night before I went because then I would have found out about them sooner, but better late than never. If you haven’t already you can still read my Leefest post here: LeeFest 2017

I cannot wait to keep up to date with Lady Bird and to see them grow. I highly recommend you all check them out because their music is so refreshing to hear and the effort they put into both the music and their live performances is super admirable.

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