Five album tracks I wish artists would’ve released as singles. Five on Friday(9)

Hello everyone, Today I am back with another post in my five on Friday series If you don’t already know five on Friday is when I write a five piece countdown on a specific theme. In today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you five album tracks from various artists that I wish were released as singles. I’m fully aware that many artists particularly the ones that are in or trying to break into the mainstream music scene have to release the tracks that are the most public ‘Friendly’ I guess, but sometimes it’s the more hidden tracks that make me love an artist, so yeah here we go.

1: Paris- The 1975- I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

I have spoken about my love for this song so many times on this blog and it still firmly remains as my favourite track from Iliwysfyasbysuoi. It’s a very soft and dreamy sounding track that is underlined by the dark topic of drug use that is reflected in the lyrics.I think this track really shows what this band is capable of and really showcases their talent. It’s a phenomenal track that I wish more people had the pleasure of hearing.

2: Runaway- Ed Sheeran- Multiply.

I feel like by now everyone has heard Ed Sheeran’s 2nd studio album ‘Multiply’ in its entirety, however, I have never really heard anyone talk about this track. This is without a doubt one of my favourite tracks on the album. It’s a beat driven funk filled track that has such an awesome bridge. I think it’s a shame that this song didn’t really take off because I myself think it’s the best track on the album in many aspects.

3: Me and Mr Jones- Amy Winehouse- Back to black.

I have mentioned this track before and how it is undoubtedly my favourite song that Amy made. The song is about her relationship with rapper Nasir Jones. It is such a feel good song that I feel gets overshadowed by some of the albums bigger tracks including ‘Rehab’ and of course the albums title track ‘Back to Black’. It’s such an excellent song and it’s a shame that it isn’t recognized as one of her hits because I think it perfectly showcases both her songwriting and vocal talent.

4:Loose Change- Royal blood- Self-titled

The opening riff on this track is possibly my favourite moment on the whole album, it’s such a heavy track that opens with the punchy line ‘Loose change, another penny in my pocket again’. I didn’t know this until a short while ago but most of the tracks on their self-titled album were recorded in one take which I think really shows the amount of talent the boys have. I can’t really pinpoint an exact reason why but when I first listened to the album this was the track that stood out to me. I really hope this track makes the cut for their November tour setlist.

5: My favourite room-  Blossoms- Self-titled.

My favourite track from the album here with the stripped back track ‘My favourite room’. With the gentle hints of piano behind the acoustic guitar that gives it that little bit more. This track has become such a staple in the bands live shows with Tom asking the crowd if anyone has recently gone through a breakup before dedicating the song to a lucky audience member and even making a few tweaks in the lyrics. It’s an absolutely wonderful moment in their shows that I hope carries on. I also would have loved to have had some visuals for this track because they created some really impressive videos.

So there you are, I hope you enjoyed this. Do you agree with my choices? Are there any you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Five album tracks I wish artists would’ve released as singles. Five on Friday(9)

  1. Good idea for a post! I often think about this sort of thing. Especially given how most radio stations play nothing but “the single” even after the album is released. It frustrates me that artists can release an entire record of great material, and the mass majority of people hear 1-2 songs off it. It’s sad to think how most of the music made goes unlistened to. Sometimes I’ll be talking to people who say they love an artist, and I’ll ask them what they think of the rest of the album…and they don’t know.

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