Flying vinyl September 2017 review

 Hi everyone, If you read my post Flying vinyl…The revolution will not be digital! then you will already be aware of the company ‘Flying vinyl’, but if you haven’t, Flying vinyl was created after a man named Craig Evens was frustrated due to how the use of the internet meant new music was not being appreciated and given the time it deserves, he founded Flying vinyl to help both music lovers find great new artists and to help fund artists to allow them to keep making music. With the service, you are sent five 7″ singles a month from artists of all genres.

I think this is such a fantastic service that is really working to keep the format of vinyl alive and to give new artists a platform where they know their music’s going directly to people who are going to give it time and appreciation. Obviously, as you will know if you will read the blog, I am very very passionate when it comes to both keeping vinyl alive and finding new music so Flying vinyl is perfect for someone like me.

The packaging is really lovely with this month being a bright tropical design. What I love about these boxes are that the envelopes itself turned into a little sleeve to keep the singles in with the name of the month on the side meaning you can keep them categorized by month which is really cool especially if you like your collection to be structured. Each months box also comes with a booklet in which you can read about the artists, this is really helpful as it gives a little bit of background to the artists which means you aren’t going into it totally blind.

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Flying vinyl is priced at £20 a month including delivery which I think is extremely cheap considering the high quality of the records. I was really pleased with the singles that came in this months box, let me talk you through each one.


A side- Saltwater

B side- Drink too much

Geowulf are an Australian duo made up of vocalist ‘Star’ and producer/guitarist ‘Toma’. They create smooth dreamy pop anthems that settle really well with me despite not being the biggest pop fan. They’re fun, they’re lighthearted and their tracks are extremely well produced. There is a light underlying riff in the track ‘Saltwater’ that really pulls the track together and gives off a fresh soft rock vibe which I absolutely love.Their discography is growing fast and I’m really excited to hear what comes from these two in the future because they do have a tonne of potential.

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Calva Louise-

A side- I’m gonna do well

B Side- Getting closer

Calava Louise are an awesome London trio that Self-titled slowly emerging onto the scene. To date they have only released one single, the A side to this record ‘I’m gonna do well’ and its a banger, I absolutely love it. There is something so dynamic and fresh about both Clava louises music and image that I really like. These guys really need to put out some more music because I’m desperate to hear more from them! This also came pressed on bright pink vinyl which is so nice and reflects the bright boppy feel of the music.

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A side- In undertow

B side- Dreams Tonite

Alvvays are a guitar driven 5 piece from Toronto, that produce some of the best indie tracks I have heard for a while. The A-side track ‘In undertow’ is a work of art that features dreamy and delicate vocals from lead singer Molly alongside the rock-pop style use of guitars. These tracks are the 2 opening tracks from their fantastic album ‘Antisocialites’ , I gave the album a couple of listens and it has serious replay factor and is definitely one I feel myself going back to often. This came pressed on lovely orange vinyl, I don’t have many orange records in my collection so this is a great addition.

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A side- Future lover

B- Finally (acoustic)

Francobollo are an indie rock band from Lund, Sweden made up of Simon, Petter, Sam and Sean. The A side track ‘Future lover’ is such a feel good track and one that really stood out to me when listening to all these singles. The b side is a chilled acoustic version of a track named ‘Finally’ from the bands EP ‘Wonderful’ this stripped back version of the track really shows off the talent this young band have and I’m super excited to see where they head next!

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A side-Blood Type (featuring Eliza Shaddad)

B side- Calculate

This is my personal favourite from this months box, Turtle is a musician from Glasgow who has crafted a very distinctive and unique sound.Both these tracks are very atmospheric with strong use of synth beats mixed with minimalistic lyrics. They are also both taken from Turtles debut album ‘Human’ that was released earlier this year, the album is full of easy listening tracks that flow perfectly to create a dynamic piece of art that really transports you to a land of tranquillity. I absolutely love it.

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So there we have it, my review of Flying vinyl’s September-November box! I’d like to say a massive thank you to Flying Vinyl because without you this post wouldn’t be possible.

If you are interested in subscribing or just want to find out more then you can do that here:


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