Keaton Dekker / Artist of the week (18/10/17)

Hello everybody, today I am back with the latest in my ‘Artist of the week’ series. Of course, this series is the one where I share with you an artist I have been loving over the past week in less than 400 words. I’m happy to say this week’s artist of the week is an East London based Singer-songwriter called Keaton Dekker.

I actually first heard of Keaton when I met him BBC Music Introducing Amplify 17 , We got talking and he then gave me the link to his SoundCloud and on the way home I gave his tracks a listen. It also made me realize while although a lot of music promotion is now done online that events like Amplify that give artists and writers the chance to put themselves out there are so crucial.

So lets actually get onto the music… Like I mentioned Keaton is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, I think at such a young age it’s extremely difficult to write your own material however his writing skills are impeccable. He has currently only released three songs over on his Soundcloud, however, I believe more tracks and possibly an album are in the works now. Not only are the tracks well written they are also superbly produced, the track ‘OVR U’ is such a feel-good summer bop with its underlying bassline and techo elements scattered throughout which really makes for a quality track that I cannot stop going back to. ‘Anxious’ is a song driven by the use of indie rock inspired light drums, Keaton’s vocals really get to shine on this one as well and really shows off his beautifully unique voice. ‘Blink twice’ is an interlude style track coming in at just over a minute, here is where Keaton incorporates the alternative vibe in and I absolutely love it, it’s super fresh and is a track that I can see fitting nicely onto an album.

I’m really enjoying these three releases at the moment and I cannot wait for some more music and maybe getting out to go and see him live at some point. I highly recommend you head over to Keaton’s SoundCloud as these tracks need to be heard. He is also super active on all his socials so I will like them below as well as his SoundCloud.


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