Flying Vinyl October 2017 Review!

Hello everybody, welcome back! Today I’m going to be sharing my review of the October edition of the Flying Vinyl subscription box. I’m sure you all already know what this company does but if you don’t then let me explain…

Flying vinyl is a subscription box service that sends you five 7″ singles a month from artists of all genres that are pressed exclusively for Flying Vinyl.The company was created by a young man named Craig Evens who like myself was frustrated due to how the use of the internet to promote music meant a lot of it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. He founded Flying vinyl to help both music lovers find great new bands and to help fund artists to allow them to keep making music.

The packaging is really lovely with this month being a bright tropical design. What I love about these boxes are that the envelopes itself turned into a little sleeve to keep the singles in with the name of the month on the side meaning you can keep them categorized by month which is really cool especially if you like your collection to be structured. Each months box also comes with a booklet in which you can read about the artists, this is super helpful as it gives a little bit of background to the artists which means you aren’t going into it totally blind.

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Flying Vinyl only costs £20 a month which I think is a fantastic price for such high-quality pressings! I’m so happy with this months box so let me go through each of the singles…

Underwater Boys

A side-  Everyone You Know

B side- Bye & Bye

Underwater boys are a Brighton duo made up of brothers Tom and Nick Klar, they have cleverly fused genres to form their very own that is just so mesmerising.The debut single ‘Everyone you know ‘ features as the A side of this record and is a guitar driven track jam-packed with heavenly melodies. The B side track ‘Bye and bye’ is an eclectic mix of shoegaze and surf-pop. These guys have so much potential and I cannot wait to see what their future holds!

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Black honey

A Side- Bloodlust

B Side- Ghost (Exclusive recording)

I was so excited when this release was announced as I absolutely adore the Brighton based four piece. This is a special Halloween pressing of their track ‘Bloodlust’ that is on marble vinyl to look like an eyeball which I’m literally in love with. The A-side ‘Bloodlust’ is a solid riff driven track that really shows off the bands talent when it comes to both composition and songwriting. The B side is an exclusive acoustic recording of the band’s track ‘Ghost’, this stripped back version showcases frontwoman Izzys vocal power. These two tracks together on one record are such a great pairing and I cannot wait to see these guys Next month in their hometown supporting Royal Blood!

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A side- Park outside your mothers house

B side- Weeping

Horsey are a south London formed quartet who produce some really mellow jazz-infused tracks that really take you on a musical journey. From the second I placed the needle on the record I was just mesmerised by the beautiful transitions between the jazz influences to the soft rock aspects and gospel-style vocals.This was the bands first physical release and it really is music that is made for vinyl as it is just so pure and dreamy. This came pressed on emerald green vinyl which looks absolutely fantastic.

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 Pip Blom

A side- Babies are a lie

B side- School

Pip Blom are an indie pop four-piece from Amsterdam, They only began releasing music last year however it’s so well made that you’d assume they have been on the scene for years. Like I mentioned they are a pop-rock band. I feel this term is often overused however these guys really have managed to get a perfect balance of both pop and rock and really iterate what that genre is all about. The A-side of this record ‘Babies are a lie’ is just oozing with light riffs that just settle so well, It’s such a fun track that could be the soundtrack to a sunny summer as it is just such a lighthearted and feel good track. The B side track ‘School’ is slightly heavier and leaning more towards the rock side of their genre, however, they do manage to intertwine some pop elements which I feel is really brilliant as I get from this that they have really found their unique sound which really is a rarity in such a young band. These guys are such a breath of fresh air and I love it!

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A side – Lost

B side- Weight

Maddee is a singer-songwriter from Toronto Canada who smashed onto the scene earlier this year with her debut release ‘lost’ that features as the A side of this record. This track along with the B side ‘weight’ has racked up over 100,000 streams and upon listening I can see why. ‘Lost’ is an indulgent track that really showcases her soulful vocals perfectly while mixing in some chilled synths. ‘Weight’ is one of those songs that truly takes you on a journey, It’s an emotionally rich track that just pulls you in with the smooth vocals. I will definitely be staying up to date with Maddee!

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So there we go, my review of this months Flying vinyl boxset, If you wish to subscribe yourself for the low price of £20 a month or just want to know more then simply click here:

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Flying Vinyl because without you this post wouldn’t be possible.

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