Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Today I am back with my review of the December Edition of the Flying Vinyl subscription box.

Like I say in all of these posts I really love the service Flying Vinyl offers and this month is no exception.

I’m sure you are all aware of Flying vinyl and what they do, however, If you aren’t then let me briefly explain…

They are a subscription service that sends you 5 exclusively pressed, high quality  7″ records each month! It costs £20 including postage and the money goes to support the indie artists directly. In my opinion, it is the best Vinyl subscription service out they genuinely care about getting the music out there in the best form into the hands of the people who will give it the time and appreciation it deserves.

Every three month the box is redesigned, this month was the first of this colourful abstract set and as always with these boxes turn into little sleeves with the name of the month written down the side so you can easily categorize them,which if like myself you’re a bit of a neat freak then I’m sure you will love this little touch. A little book is also included that gives you a short burst of information about all the artists as well as updates with things such as the Flying vinyl podcast and their upcoming ‘Spotlight’ projects, but more on that at the end of the post!

FV1Let’s get into this months music…


A side- Bonnie

B side- Love

Anteros are a London based four piece who are making some of the best upbeat 80’s inspired tracks I have heard in a while and they are guaranteed to make you want to dance.The A side ‘Bonnie’ is a fantastically layered track that has a really funky underlying bassline that carries the song perfectly. Frontwoman Laura just oozes personality through her bubbly vocals, she sounds as if she is having a good time on this track and I really love it when I can hear that passion through an artists vocals. B side ‘Love’ follows suit, however, incorporating more electro/synthpop elements. They are set to release their debut album in 2018 so I’m sure this isn’t the last you will see of them here! To top the amazing music off, these tracks are pressed on bright yellow vinyl which totally reflects the brightness and energy of the music!


Sulky boy

A side- Shasta Fay

B side- Amorous Battle

Sulky boy are a Brighton formed duo who have perfectly merged Shoegaze and pop to create a really fresh sound that Is like nothing I have heard before. A side ‘Shasta Fay’ is a guitar driven track that opens with bold drums before hitting you with the impactful vocals that soar nicely over the well-produced instrumentals. B side- ‘Amorous battle’ has a little more of a chilled/ soft rock vibe that I really enjoyed.


Confidence Man

A side- Better sit down boy

B- Boyfriend

 Confidence Man are an Australian Dance-pop quartet who make their music with the sole purpose of having something to dance to. A side ‘Better sit down boy’ is jam-packed full of spoken melodies against the futuristic funk driven instrumentals. B side ‘Boyfriend’ is a track led by a groovy beat and complimented by the words of lead vocalist Janet reciting problems she has with her boyfriend commenting on everything from how he bores her to her hatred of eggs. From the second the needle hit the wax I knew I was in for a good time with these guys and I think that instant feeling is really exciting. 


Trudy & The romance

A side- Is there a place I can go

B side- Junkyard Cat

Liverpudlian trio Trudy and the romance are taking us back in time with these two brilliant tracks pressed on bright red transparent vinyl. A side ‘Is there a place I can go’ is a really smooth track that flows perfectly with its light saxophone bringing the essence of the 50’s which is something these guys do really well in all their tracks. B side ‘Junkyard cat’ features theatrical builds of energy with its dynamic, well-sculpted jazz inspired layering.


Milk Disco


A side -Weekender

B side- Twisted Wheel

Milk disco are a south London five-piece who are currently storming the scene with their 80’s inspired alt-rock. A side ‘Weekender’ incorporates rough compelling riffs and chanted lyrics reminiscent of the 80’s while still sounding fresh.The B side ‘Twisted wheel’ is my favourite of the two, opening up with pounding drums eventually introducing softly sung lyrics before slowly building with spacey guitars and synths. Overall these guys appear to have a lot to offer, both these tracks are very different, really showcasing the diversity in sound they are capable of producing.


Flying vinyl have got some other really cool things happening at the moment, as I mentioned in last months post, they have released their own Podcast, the first episode is out now and features an interview with Anteros front woman Laura as well as some of the hottest indie tunes around! You can listen now on iTunes here: itunes.com/Flyingvinyl

The second really exciting thing they have coming up is the launch of their ‘Spotlight’ project! Spotlight is an exclusive monthly photobook that takes a closer look at some of thier most exciting artists, as well as the photobook it will also feature an exclusive 7″ vinyl from the band. The first month features one of my favourite bands ‘The Amazons’ (Check out why I think they are great here: The Amazons// Artist of the week) If you are an existing member to Flying vinyl you can add this to your monthly subscription for only £4 and if you want to subscribe to the Spotlight alone then you can get that for only £8 with free UK shipping! Check that out here: flyingvinyl.co.uk/spotlight

I’d like to say massive thank you to Flying vinyl for making this post possible!

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