Today I am back to share with you my February indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, all these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub

I have made a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the post with all these songs and a few more!

Tom Forest – Monster

Tom Forest is a British singer-songwriter, Monster was the debut single from his first studio album ‘Hope’ that was released last month.  If you read my Best songs of 2017! post then you will know that my favourite track of the year came courtesy of ‘Manchester Orchestra’ and that’s the kind of vibe that I am getting from Tom with this track, it’s stripped down instrumentals with the simple yet powerful drum arrangements makes way for Toms exceptionally robust yet flowing vocals to really steal the show. Talking of the track, writers Tom and Isabelle said “At first it was from the perspective of a girl with anorexia, then it became about anxiety and vanity. It’s also about being the victim in any toxic relationship, and the abuse of power”. If you want a track that’s chilled but still packed full of power then this is for you.


Hollow Twin – Strangers now

Hollow twin are a duo from Vancouver, their sound is best described as rock with hints of folk thrown in. Despite only forming in 2012 over their shared love of classic rock they have released a successful collection of two EP’s and two singles including ‘Strangers now’ that features as the penultimate on their latest EP ‘The river saw everything’. It’s a smooth slow-building journey track that has a moody undertone that is lifted by front woman’s Becky’s soft vocals. There is an element of this track that is reminiscent of Wolf Alice tracks that I absolutely love.


Daniel champagne- All of my stars

Daniel is an Australian Singer-Songwriter, he started playing music since the impressively young age of just 5 before writing his first track at only 12 years of age, and he hasn’t stopped since.’All of my stars’ is off of his latest album ‘Faultlines’ and is a track that had a very traditional feel to it with its well-textured layers built from sparkling tambourines, Rhythmic bassline and grounding drums. His vocals are uniquely graceful and have this really raw tone to them that I’m head over heels in love with. This track is just one of the many phenomenal ones from the album.


Georgee Landy- half the ish

Georgee Landy is a singer-songwriter from Camden and is proud to take inspiration from the town subculture when making music. His debut single ‘Half the ish’ is a track opens with sharp acoustic guitar and female backing vocals courtesy of Bex Grant before introducing Gorgee’s beautifully raw British accent who rapidly recites the tracks truthful lyrics that in his own words ‘Tackle the veil of virtual reality and its impact upon human relationships’. Keeping the instrumentals to a minimum here and letting his voice lead the way really workes on this, it’s known he has been in the studio recently cooking up some more tunes and I cannot wait to hear them, expect to see him here again soon.


Noiseheads- Wait

Since forming in 2010 this American band have been described by AlternativeNation as “one of America’s most promising young rock bands” and that is a label I can firmly stand with. ‘Wait’ is their third self-produced release on their own label ‘Silly Monkey Music’ and it’s a real banger. It’s an alt-rock track that really hits you with its heavy drum lead instrumentals and strikingly confident lyrics. The video is also really impressive, it’s a 360 electronic screen kinda thing that I’m really loving. I really recommend that you check it out, you can do that HEREsitcoms-for-aliens

Devin Santi- See myself lose

Devin is a singer, songwriter and producer from New Jersey, he describes his music as ‘A form of therapy or self-reflection’. ‘See myself lose’ is his latest track and is one that you just can’t get out of your head. It’s a kind of 2000’s style pop-punk track, with its impactful drums in the intro before introducing modern electro elements. Talking of the songs lyrical content Devin commented ‘The song implies a feeling of triumph over failure’


Pocket knife army- Charleroi

Pocket Knife Army are an indie electronic duo from The Netherlands, they pride themselves on their no laptop or autotune use and that is something that I can really get behind and support. Their instruments include analogue synths and drum machines amongst your typical acoustic guitar and electric bass. The single ‘Charleroi’ pushes boundaries demonstrating the bands well crafted hauntingly elusive sound. While the track has eerie tendencies there are elements within the careful layering that are warm and dreamy. These guys have got a big year ahead of them, get ready for the rise of Pocket Knife army.


Dansu- Run

Based out of Tokyo Dansu are an indie-pop act that are making their way onto the scene with their infectious upbeat records. ‘Run’ is the follow up to their debut single ‘Do Do Do’ a track that picked up the attention of worldwide media giving it glowing reviews. They really haven’t disappointed with this latest release they have stepped it up a level with this one, I have to say that this track is one of the catchiest I have heard in a while. It’s a real beach party anthem with its upbeat tone, I guess there’s a sort of Two door cinema/ pop vibe going on here.


The Leers- I can’t cope

Slightly older track coming up now with Australian indie rock bands single ‘I can’t cope’ taken from their 2016 debut studio album ‘Are you curious?’ It’s a funk-laden easy listening track with a deep bassline, big builds and groovy rhythms. While the vocals help to carry the track there are moments where the instrumentals are left to lead the way and I really love this as it really takes the time to showcase their immense musical talent. The statement lyric ‘I can’t cope’ is chanted really ingraining it and most importantly making the track memorable. Real anthem here.


DUNBAR-Cary Grant

DUNBAR are an evocative indie rock four pieces from St. Louis, Missouri, they formed in last 2016 after meeting at university. ‘Cary Grant’ is their debut single and is one that showcases their unique sound despite only being at the start of their career. I like the contrast they have just on this track alone, they have heavier leaning moments with the awesome guitar solo that we get at just gone the midpoint as well as taking some elements from the pop side of the fence with the light moments, and I always love it when a band are willing to mix things up a bit when it comes to genre and style as I feel there is sometimes a bit of a risk when attempting to mix, however, these guys get it just right.


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