Hello everybody, I have finally found the ultimate pair of gig shoes and they come courtesy of T.U.K, today I’m going to be sharing with you my breakdown review of the Burgundy Crushed Velvet Nosebleed Boots.


Style ★★★★★

These shoes are truly stunning in style, the crushed purple Peta verified vegan velvet is eye-catching while still leaking luxury. These are the latest addition to their ‘Nosebleed’ collection, and they stand true to their name with the 9cm tall platforms that are dramatically striking while also adding that extra height at gigs which is super helpful when you are as short as I am.

Comfort ★★★★★

Despite the shoes drastic appearance you may imagine them to be really uncomfortable and almost impossible to walk in, however, they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever worn. They are so sturdy that you can just feel the quality from the second you put them on.

Sizing ★★★

They do come up slightly small, if you are between two sizes then I recommend going for the upper. I’m a 3 but I could probably have done with a 4, I have other pairs of T.U.K shoes that are in a 3 that fit perfectly but these are just slightly tight. However, T.U.K has a really easy returns system so don’t worry if you get the wrong size as you can send them back but I do recommend getting a size up.

Price ★★★★★

These come in at £90 which I feel is a great price for such well-built shoes that are going to last a very long time. However, T.U.K have given me my own code so you can get 20% off of any full price pair of shoes simply type Lucymccourt20 when you get to the checkout and enjoy 🙂





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