Hello, Welcome back, today I am going to be talking about a company called ‘Vinyl Moon’. You may already be aware of who these guys are and what they do, however, if you don’t then let me explain. Vinyl Moon is a subscription-based service operating out of the US that sends you a ten track mixtape pressed on coloured vinyl every month. Each track comes courtesy of an underground band or musician and each edition features original artwork from a different artist. vinyl moon

Something I really have to emphasise with these guys is the quality of their releases, there are no corners cut here at all, every edition is a full gatefold with as I mentioned before heavyweight coloured vinyl. You can pick a Vinyl Moon record up and just feel the quality of it, everything is done so well and you feel as if you are getting the full package of both art and music.

Depending on the edition you will usually get a quirky little gift, for example, a book of artwork or a poster so there really is a sense that every month is new and there is a surprise to be had. Along with this, every month’s release comes with a full-colour booklet with both lyrics and details of the bands as well as a foreword explaining the month’s theme and details of the artist.

Vinyl moon sent me over two editions number 28 ‘Long Intuition’ and 29 ‘Marrow Siren’, let’s start with 28.

Long Intuition features artwork from a Russian artist named Elena Limkina and the idea of the record as a whole is inspired by the natural world and how ‘The animals in her work carry themselves with a gravitas and wisdom that makes them seem like they understand the world in a way that us humans never will’. 


The artwork on this is just beautiful, it’s a light sketched design featuring a multitude of animals, upon opening the gatefold you discover the top unfolds to reveal another large piece of artwork along with the record itself that is pressed on marbled white vinyl. There is also a really detailed sketchbook with 10+ pages of Limkinas artwork.


I’m not going to go in depth about each of the tracks as I would be here all day, however, this is overall a collection of 10 downtempo smooth, easy listening tracks. A personal favourite of mine from here is a track called ‘Together’ from London based band GIRLHOOD, with its minimalistic lyrics and sleek sax moments it’s one to get your toe tapping and head bopping. Another couple of my favourites include ‘Midnight’ by Siobhan Sainte and ‘Truth’ by Moods both really chill well-produced tracks


Marrow Siren features the eyecatchingly bright artwork of Spanish artist Marcos Navarro.‘The Marrow Siren wants your bones to keep her company. The only way to keep your bones out of her hands and in your own body is to keep that marrow moving’ 


As you can see by the picture the artwork on this is extraordinarily vibrant, the Marrow Siren herself actually glows in the dark which is really cool. The bright colours don’t stop with the artwork, the record itself is a deep transparent blue colour with striking neon green splatters. This edition comes with a tarot card that features additional artwork.


This edition features 10 very upbeat catchy tracks, While each shines on its own demonstrating its individuality they are all pulled together as a collective giving us a truckload of funk and electro elements presented alongside both sharp and clever lyricism. My personal favourite track on this has to be the opener ‘Skulls’ from LA band Lacore, it’s a powerful fast-moving track that features tight bouncy riffs and the catchy repetition of the line ‘Get on top of it’. I just absolutely love the pace of this and the detailed yet light instrumentation. Another couple of favourites include ‘The Fall’ by Loyal Lobos and ‘Bangs’ by Aaron Taos.


I 100% encourage anyone who is looking to get some new music into their ears to check Vinyl Moon out, as you can see by my pictures there is immense attention to detail and quality here and the music is just so well picked and curated to somehow all just fit together perfectly. I feel they give both musicians and artists a great platform to display their talents. If you want to subscribe to Vinyl moon, or just want to know more then you can follow the link to their website here: VinylMoon.co

I also really recommend following them on social media becasue they post regulary on there: INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK

I’d like to thank Vinyl Moon for making this post possible and for the awesome vinyl I can now add to my collection 🙂

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