Today I am back to share with you my March indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub

I have made a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the post with all these songs and a few more!

Noah Kahan Feat Julia Michaels- Hurt Somebody

Pop superstars Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels have paired up for the opening track Hurt Somebody for his EP of the same name. The story goes that Noah released his solo version of this track, Julia heard it, reached out over social media and jumped on the track for a re-release. In terms of instrumentals, the track is very minimalistic with just an acoustic guitar leading for the majority of the track before light drums and what sounds like a tambourine join as it progresses. It’s the vocals that really take your breath away on this both Noah and Julia have such unique and raw voices and together are just a dream. Hurt-Somebody-Noah-Kahan.jpg

Me not you- Surfers

Me not you are a New York-based duo who have just released their sophomore EP Reckoning 2. My favourite has to be the opener Surfers, the sharp grunge instrumentals made up of slightly distorted guitars and energetic drums make the perfect backdrop for the very light vocals balancing the track out. Talking about the tracks meaning the pair said ‘It’s a journey back to a life-altering day I spent in Asbury Park. I met someone that would change my life forever. While Surfers is my personal favourite I also really love the penultimate track Everafter that has a slightly calmer airier vibe to it that helps to draw the EP to a close.


Sam Woolf and the cosmo brothers- On it

Another collaboration here coming courtesy of Americal Idol finalist Sam Woolf and New York duo The cosmo Brothers. On it is a silky funk style track that is possibly one of the freshest songs I have heard in a while, its catchy beat intices you in instantly before hitting you with the strikingly solid vocals. The first time I listened to this track It was one that I knew I was going to love, hence its place here today.

On It Cover Art

Chase Mcbridge- Green shade

California based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chase Mcbridge is best known for his well textured downtempo sound. Green Shade is the title track of his latest album and provides the perfect soundscape for relaxation with The tracks dreamy layering or organic instrumentals that make way for his fluid vocals soar perfectly being sure not to disrupt the tranquillity. Talking about the tracks origin and the meaning behind it Chase said ‘The name of this song came from a pigment name on a tube of paint, “Pthalo Blue (Green Shade)”. It reminded me of the way I relive memories through a filter, it feels like I see them in a green shade. The song is about how certain relationships fade out over time, told specifically through the example of my childhood neighbour, Chris. We spent a lot of time together, growing up, but I haven’t seen him since’


Le Rive- Don’t wake the dreamers

Bringing the power back to pop songwriter to the stars Le Rive is having a go at being in the limelight herself with the release of her debut single Don’t wake the dreamers. It’s a real anthem with its powerful progression of the electro lead instrumentals and it’s interlude like moments saturated with the catchy vocals. This is just what pop needs and is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Le Rive Cover Art

Sleeptalk- I hope you are doing well

Electro indie-pop five piece Sleeptalk are back following their killer self-titled debut album that was released last year. Their latest single I hope you are doing well is the ultimate breakup anthem to sob to, with the slightly dramatic lyric ‘Im so sad I could die’ leaping out upon every listen. Instrumentally the track really shines opening with the energetic strums of a guitar before introducing the solid drum arrangement. I really love the fast energetic pace of this track that is obviously juxtaposed by the dark lyricism, a skill they pull off very well. Their debut album is a banger, definitely, recommend checking it out, my favourite track from there has to be either February or Indigo, California.


Achilles Featuring Michael Hoelters- Leave this life

Leave this Life is the debut release from Sussex based artist Achilles and features fellow local singer-songwriter Michael Hoelters. The track is a slow burner featuring skilful semi-rap verses reciting the lyrics penned surrounding teenage mental health over the heavily uplifting electro tinted instrumentals. Achilles then slips into a heartfelt monologue extending the song’s message of overcoming mental illness. A true anthem of hope.

Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 16.11.16.png

Tender Glue- With you here

I feel as if I have got a lot of contrast on my playlist this month, here comes another more chilled track from New York based alternative folk artist Tender Glue. With you here was written during what he described as a ‘ five-minute burst of creativity’ before heading off to work one morning. Coming in at just under two minutes in length it’s the perfect bitesize chunk of serenity with its hypnotically indulgent guitar licks and minimalistic yet robust vocals.


Doug DeLuca- Good Feeling

Good Feeling is the third single released ahead of LA-based artist Doug DeLuca’s forthcoming debut EP Gimme Love. This track stood out to me for its raw and very real sound that just exerts elements of mid-century R&B, soul and funk, the guitar on this is so polished and the way he harmonizes with himself is heavenly.This is just a really classic sounding smooth track that I just can’t stop coming back to.


Vinyl Station- End of the world

Vinyl station are a four piece band from the US who despite not releasing an album yet have gifted us with a successful string of singles. One that I enjoy in particular is one of their recent End of the world. It’s a track that showcases their carefully crafted unique blend of frontman Matthew’s striking, powerful lead vocals and Brendon’s tight harmonies combined with driving rhythms and melodic hooks. I’m a massive fan of the structure of this track, they know how to create perfect builds to really maximise the effect of the payoff points. This to me sounds as if it could feature on a film soundtrack, it’s really got that sort of vibe.


False-Heads- Retina

Hailing from the outskirts of East London and Essex, False heads formed in 2016 and despite being new to the scene they have really picked up momentum as well as support from major outlets including Radio X and the icon that is Iggy Pop who described this track as Pretty fucking good These guys are everything that the modern UK punk rock scene has been lacking, their latest single Retina sports mucky riffs, raw vocals with that very British accent that I love to hear and not to forget a smashing drum arrangement. I can’t wait to catch one of their shows soon.




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