Demob Happy release new album ‘Holy Doom’- New Music Friday


Demob Happy- Holy Doom

The brilliant Brighton trio Demob Happy are back for the first time in almost three years following the release of their massive debut album ‘Dream Soda’ that blessed our ears way back in 2015. So the question is how did they do with the difficult second album and the answer is they have totally smashed it! I really love the contrast of sounds they have incorporated here, it’s a very up and down album without feeling too jolty. The opening track ‘Liar in your head’ is an anticipation builder kicking off slowly before opening up a Demob Happy album the only way it can…LOUD, the track is lead by this real confident gritty riff but complemented with the silky backing vocals that are introduced towards the tail end of the track. ‘Be your man’ and ‘Fake Satan’ are the tracks that really accentuate their stylish psych-rock vibe that was heavily demonstrated in their earlier work with it’s fuzzy and slightly distorted sound. Then around the halfway point is where this album really gets exciting, the track ‘Runnin’ around’ is a slow jam for the best part of its almost 6-minute long duration, it’s a real journey of a track with it’s light shoegaze sensibilities, however, still very much keeping to the bands classic guitar lead sound with a massive pickup point of action before dropping back into the more chilled sound. I feel that they placed this exactly needed to be sandwiched in between the heavier more action-packed moments, working well as a sort of moment of reflection, definitely the underdog on this album. The title track ‘Holy doom’ is also somewhat of a slow builder that features delicately textured tangy guitar licks with the airy vocals to real space it out.

Overall a smashing comeback for these guys that I cannot wait to pick up on vinyl.


Rock Band Demob Happy on Their New Album and Upcoming UK Tour | @demobhappy

The Vaccines- Your love is my favourite band.

It feels as if there is going to be nothing to come when the Vaccines drop their album next week as this is the fifth promotional single we have received from it, bearing in mind the album is only 11 tracks long. Despite all of that ‘Your love is my favourite band’ is a much-needed burst of energy that I feel the scene is lacking at the moment with its fresh riffs, lively drum arrangement and of course a pattern of soothing synths to pull it to a close. Lyrically I’ll have to admit it hasn’t got much going for it but I feel it has got serious replay factor and who knows it might be an album packed full of doom and gloom so we might be thankful for it when the time comes

. Massive summer anthem we have here though, expect to hear this everywhere over the next couple of months.


Two Door Cinema Club- Four words to stand on (EP)

Technically speaking this EP from the Irish trio shouldn’t be featured on New music Friday as it is in fact 10 years old! ‘Four words to stand on’ was the bands first ever EP and was recorded when they were just three schoolboys from Belfast, originally there were only 500 copies out there, all of which were physical in the form of CD and were sold at some of their earlier shows. Well, the time has now come for an original reissue and while three out of the five tracks are old demos it’s a really nice representation of how far they have come over the years. The demo tracks are ‘Cigarettes in the theatre’, ‘Do you want it all’ and ‘Undercover Martyn’ all of which are from their 2010 release ‘Tourist History’ an album that went on to dominate the indie scene so I really did enjoy listening to these demos in comparison to the later versions to see how it developed. The other two tracks ‘New houses’ and ‘Standing on ghosts’ are pleasant enough, however, I don’t feel they would have album potential, I felt that New houses could have done with a bit more organic instrumentation and standing on ghosts came across a bit gimmicky.There isn’t really too much to say about this release, it’s a great piece to be able to finally have access to and stream if you are a fan.


Image result for two door cinema club four words to stand on

Michael Hoelters- Serpents acoustic (Neck Deep cover)

Get used to seeing my pal Michael’s name here on the blog because he is not going anywhere, it was only last week I was reviewing the single ‘Leave this life’ in which he features and now I’m back with his cover of Neck Deep’ track ‘Serpents’. It’s a stripped back acoustic cover and one that I feel reflects the tracks somewhat deep lyricism in perhaps a more gentle way than the original really edging in on the tracks emotional drive. Something I admire about Michael as an artist is the fact he will have a go at anything and he ways deliver something great and this is no exception.

I agreed that I would premiere both the track and the video for him, so here it is, enjoy.


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