Leader // Artist of the week 4/04/18


Hello everybody, today I am back with the latest in my ‘Artist of the week’ series. Of course, this series is the one where I share with you an artist I have been loving over the past week in less than 400 words. I’m happy to say this week’s artist of the week is Oxfordshire five-piece ‘Leader’.

Since forming in 2013 they have released 6 singles with the latest being  ‘Golden’, a track that’s driven by bubbly riffs and an intensely catchy chorus.This is one of those songs that nicely fits into the UK indie scene with a sound reminiscent of both The Wombats with their rough around the edges British Charm and reigning accent and The Hunna with their earworm-worthy hooks.

Talking of the tracks sweet lyrical drive frontman Ben Edginton expressed “Everyone has that one person in their life who supports them, believes in them, and goes out of their way to make you feel that little bit “Golden, A little drop of gold in a black and white life.”

While it’s safe to say that ‘Golden’ is them at their best, another favourite of their has to be their debut ‘Honest Man’ the fast riff that opens just entices you in before you are hit with the confidently delivered vocals.The fluidity that is demonstrated on the recent tracks isn’t as prominent here in their early days however, it’s a great signpost for how much their sound has grown over three years.

Some really strong stuff coming out of these guys, definitely one to watch!

Makre sure to follow all thier socials, for all future updates:


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