Today I am back to share with you my March indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub

Thunder and the giants – lemon Cider

Liverpudlian five-piece Thunder and the Giants had a busy 2017 touring the country and scoring many festival slots along with hitting the studio to record the debut EP  ‘Polaroid Memories’. Their Soundcloud features a handful of demos as well as their first official single ‘Lemon Cider’ a track that I fell in love with due to it’s rough around the edges feel, with its raw vocals seeping personality, fast drum arrangement and hazy riffs, this track would get even the stiffest of crowds moving, a magnificently strong debut from such a fresh talent.  A lot more to come from these guys with their EP ‘Polaroid Memories’ set to drop May 11th!



Psych rock trio Brooders are known for their massive grunge soaked anthems with their self-titled EP taking me by storm back in 2017, well are back with the latest addition to their discography, their latest single ‘Lie’. A heavy track dominated by ferocious energy and passion with a sprinkle of psychedelia courtesy of wavy guitar moments. A real banger to get the year of to a great start, they have actually pressed this on vinyl which is really cool so go and pick up a copy on the black stuff.


Camens- Violent Video Games

Camens are a four piece from Stoke on Trent who make some really upbeat fun tracks and their latest addition to their trio discography ‘Violent Video Games’, It’s ones of those tracks that really sits well within the current UK indie scene with its catchy hooks and light riffs reminiscent of other UK superstars including The Wombats and The Vaccines, you know that really warm fuzzy sound that is hard to describe but you can just feel it. Definitely, their strongest release yet, they are going from strength to strength and with a dedicated fan base of over 20K+, expect to be hearing much more from them.


Dreadnot- Wolves

Virginia based quintet Dreadnot describe their sound as ‘somewhere between headbanging rock and footstomping blues’ and that is a statement sums it up perfectly, their latest single ‘Wolves’ features slow builds, silky riffs, and delicate yet solid vocals. I like  bands that are in confident in their own sound and it’s really apparent when listening through their back catalogue on their SoundCloud that they forming such an organic fresh sound. Absolutely love these guys.


Bosco Ramos- Mayflies

Since forming in 2015 this Irish bass and drums punk-rock partnership are making a big noise. ‘Mayflies’ is the duos latest groove-heavy release featuring a perfect blend of heavy in your face moments intertwined with some lighter pop sensibilities in the form of chant-worthy catchy lyrics. A track soaked in melody and fuzz, I’m describing it as a mixture of Royal Blood and Slaves, so if you like either or both of those these guys are for you. artworks-000317515188-b6c0mi-original.jpg

So that rounds up my April Indie playlist, it was a little shorter than usual this month as I really wanted to focus on quality over quantity.

Just a little announcement was hidden at the bottom here, but the first edition of my Zine ‘Into The Grooves’ is available to pre-order now. This is a project I am really excited to get up and running and I really appreciate all the support so It would be really cool if you would pick up a copy, thank you in advance if you do 🙂

Into The Grooves Edition 1

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