Blossoms ‘Cool Like you’ album review

Stockport superstars Blossoms are back with their sophomore album ‘Cool Like You’, a follow up to their massive self-titled debut that dropped back in 2016.
The last two years have seen these guys go from strength to strength securing them everything from main stage festival appearances to support slots with the one and only Noel Gallagher, but does the so-called difficult second album live up to expectations?

Well, many fans were left wondering if they were ever even going to receive any new music following what we now assume was a PR stunt where a supposedly leaked video of drummer Joe talking to a journalist about frontman Toms diva-like behaviour.This then bled over into a spat on Twitter where Joe accused Tom of making his mum wipe his arse and buy him a glove for when he eats Greggs to avoid burning himself. Shortly after this, the album was announced which revived fans hopes for the bands future.

Putting all that aside though ‘Cool Like you’ really demonstrates the band sticking to their synthy indie roots while also edging towards a more mainstream pop-leaning sound.

When dropping the needle the punchy synth spectacular, ‘There’s a reason why (I never returned your calls)’, gets your head bopping with its very monumental confident sound that fades down to make way for Toms comfortably warm vocals delivering the bittersweet lyrics of a lost love, ‘I still care and I know you do too’ is one that particularly stands out. This is without a doubt the anthem of the album, working really well as a punchy feel-good opener.

The first promotional single, ‘I Can’t stand it’, is where we see the shift towards a poppier sound with the overly repetitive chorus that just loops, ‘I can’t stand it’, over and over again. Toms vocals are nice and crisp but the pace here feels a little rushed with the guitars just lacking that glint to them that we have heard on previous tracks like the massive indie banger, ‘Charlemagne’. The use of a fade out to close the track is nice and something I wish we could hear more of in modern pop. This along with, ‘Lying Again’, are the tracks that don’t really hold too much substance but will still get a crowd going.

Both, ‘Unfaithful’, and, ‘Between the eyes’, have this really cool edge to them, that kind of I don’t give a f**k attitude that just seeps through, I feel this is due to them bringing the guitars and drums in a little more, showcasing a more authentic vibe. This is something they carry off extraordinarily well in their live performances so It’s really cool to hear that side of them being more integrated into their sound. Two really strong points here that break apart the more downtempo moments like, ‘Stranger Still’, and, ‘Love Talk’.

As we veer ever closer to the closing of the album we are gifted with, ‘Giving up the most’, this is the track that holds a certain level of depth I feel we are somewhat lacking here, with its wavy/airy sounding verses with slight vocal distortion. The chorus is where the hazy grunge sound makes an appearance, I really love the richness to this, definitely a much-needed steer in a new direction for these guys and something I hope to hear more of in the future as it really suits them.

In terms of raw authenticity, I feel this album doesn’t stand as well as their debut, however, in terms of developing their sound I do feel they did well here, ‘Cool Like You’, is a more mainstream suited album that does have a stronger mass appeal with the bigger pop-leaning moments, so I have no doubt of this taking the number one spot this Friday. All in all, a really clean sounding album that does have strong replay factor.

Here’s the official video for ‘There’s a reason why (I never returned your calls)’.

They are heading out on tour in the UK next month, most of the dates are sold out but here is where you can catch them:

4 May – Stockport Plaza SOLD OUT
7 May – Leeds O2 Academy
8 May – Newcastle O2 Academy
10 May – London O2 Kentish Town Forum SOLD OUT
11 May – Manchester O2 Apollo SOLD OUT
12 May – Norwich The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA

Tickets for the tour are now on sale HERE

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