If you are a regular reader of this very blog, then firstly congratulations you have exquisite taste and secondly, you may have noticed my almost month-long absence. There is a very good reason for this, I have not just thrown the towel in abandoned everything, instead, I have spent a lot of time planning my expansion out into the wonderful world of print.

I have been running lucymccourt.com for just short of three years and I have loved every second of it, but I am also a sucker for a real magazine, there is something magical about having physical content in your hands, turning the pages, folding the corners and just really taking that time out to really delve in.

I also found that when I first started writing there were not many opportunities for young creators that provided the important gateway into not only the world of music journalism but just writing in general, I only started to get taken seriously about a year ago where then I was offered both voluntary and paid positions for multiple publications. I’m fortunate that I was given those opportunities however, I feel a lot of people may get to a point that they don’t really know how to progress and as a result just give up, which is a real shame given the decreasing amount of young people wanting to break into the industry anyway.

So I got thinking of ways that I could encourage more young people like myself to get involved and decided along with my good friend and graphic designer Michael to take the plunge and start my very own magazine.

I’m excited to announce Into The Grooves, a 30 page A5 mag jam-packed with content from young writers, photographers and interviewers surrounding the UK indie, Rock and Punk scene. The first edition features an exclusive interview with one of my favourite bands at the moment the wonderful Sports Team along with album reviews, features, gig guides along with loads more.

I cannot wait to get this out to everyone, if you haven’t already pre-ordered then you can by clicking HERE.

You can also follow us on Instagram catch us there at @intothegroovemag and Snapchat @intothegrooves.



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