Let’s Eat Grandma share ‘It’s Not Just Me’ ahead of their sophomore LP

Experimental duo Let’s Eat Grandma are back with the third promotional single from their upcoming sophomore LP release ‘I’m All Ears’, expected June 29th on Transgressive Records.

Known for their supersonic soundscapes these childhood besties took the scene by storm with their 2016 debut ‘IGemini’ offering a fresh sense of vibrancy with their rich in texture masterpieces, Sleep song being one that stood out with its beautiful distortion and big synthy payoffs.

But where does this new single stand in comparison?

‘It’s not just me’ has an overall more upbeat, high energy feel to it, opening up with a very minimalistic sound showcasing their standout youthful vocalism over a gently building beat before bringing in more depth with the slight vocal distortion and zingy synth haze.

A more commercial lean for these guys, but without a doubt, it’s working and with the album just around the corner Let’s Eat Grandma are ready to dominate your summer. Pre-order the album via their official site HERE on limited edition yellow vinyl.

Check out the official video:

Catch the duo at Larmer Tree Festival on the 21st of July as well as a headline show at  Heaven on the 27th of September, pick up tickets for that HERE.

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