The 1975 return with new track ‘Give Yourself a Try’

Following months of cryptic teasing, Mancunian four-piece The 1975 have well and truly killed the comeback game with new single ‘Give Yourself a try’.

Following the success of thier 2nd studio album, ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ the boys went quiet for about a year before setting up a countdown on thier website and sharing cryptic posts on social media.

‘Give Yourself a try’ will air on Radio One and I honestly don’t think they could have chosen a better track to return with. The standout feature on this has to be the vigorously sharp guitar, very striking and almost bitter to start with and admittedly I wasn’t sure if it was something I could get with but once the vocals and bass kick in everything just slid into place.

Talking of vocals Mattys well-loved British accent and slightly nasally style offer a more organic and authentic vibe than some of thier previous work, very comfortable sounding pushing that idea that he’s just your everyday lad. I personally would have liked to have heard his vocals pushed a little more on this though, it’s not overly challenging and there are a few moments I felt that sat slightly flat.

Lyrically this is a milestone for Matty, a reflective coming of age track opening with the line ‘You learn a couple of things when you get to my age’ before offering his younger self some advice and stating how he’s not really into getting STD’s anymore (positive I guess).

With its very straightforward lyricism and simplistic commercially suited chorus this track is one, you will not be able to shake.

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