Today I am back to share with you my July indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub

Rival Karma-Scream

Introducing to you the self-titled fathers of Ninja Rock, Rival Karma and thier debut smash ‘Scream’. Serving up the QOTSA and Royal Blood Vibes with sink your teeth deep grittiness and stamina. The production is flawless on this, everything is just where it needs to be to make the sound as big and ferocious as possible while still remaining smooth. Lyrically it is on the simple side the music is left to lead the way and that’s exactly how it should be with power anthems like this. This is as strong as debuts get, expect to be seeing these lads cropping up here in the future!



Finnish five-piece Pastis have just released thier first single following signing to Stupido Records back in April. What really drew me to this track was it’s reminiscent almost throwback vintage vibe. It’s sweet, cheerful and just full of life. The inspiration they drew from genres such as Britpop, as well as modern indie rock, reigns evident through the light and bubbly vocal style. A real summer number right here.


Estrons- Lilac

Esterons are a band I have featured on here before and one I have a lot of love for and this latest release only pushes that further. ‘Lilac’ is a track that hooks you in with a sizzling guitar strike before settling into a calmer position, and blessing us with the mesmerizingly powerful vocal talent of frontwoman Tali Källström. Despite the track acting as a vibrant much-needed pickup, it’s lyrics shed a much deeper meaning and were inspired by a personal experience Tali had when she saw a man attempting to take advantage of a vulnerable woman on the street. Talking of how she hoped the track with be perceived Tali commented: “Someone always cares and you can get through it.”


Wander Marchal-Sacred

Wander is a vintage soul who is stealing the show with her smooth bluesy debut ‘ Sacred’, this instrumentally minimalist number is one that stands out for it’s robust and quite frankly stunning vocals. The light brass elements on this really shine and just enforces that monuments powerhouse vibe. A really classy and well out together track that has well and truly put Wander on my radar.



Self-described as ‘a strange, beautiful beast of a band’ US band Cusses have made their return following a year-long hiatus with the announcement of thier sophomore studio album Golden Rat due for release late next month. ‘Critical’ is the lead single from this and is one that totally struck me from first listen with enchanting vocals from fiery frontwoman Angel over psychedelic riffs invoking the spirit of a range of different bands, from Soundgarden to No Doubt. The album is gonna be big so make sure you give it a listen when it comes out on the 30th of August.


Newbies on the scene ‘Hooli’ have just released their debut single ‘Cider Sue’ a clean cut track laced with sharp riffs, snappy vocals and ever so catchy lyricism. Already picking up support from BBC introducing as well as blogs like myself these guys are already becoming a well-established part of the indie scene scoring themselves a real summer anthem.


Bang Bang Romeo- Shame on you

Another favourite of mine back with new tunes, Sheffield formed trio Bang Bang Romeo have just released thier latest single ‘Shame on you’ having recently signed a worldwide record deal with Eleven Seven Label Group. I first discovered when they played a co-headline show alongside The Whools at the Tunbridge Wells Forum last year, I was captivated by frontwoman Anastasia Walker, she was so confident and self assured in her performance and her talent. That really shows in this new track from the second it opens with the line ‘Talk is cheap’ pushing that attitude over the light cinematic soundscape


 What did you expect- In This Together

The lyric ‘Thresa May is a joke’ alone was enough to make me get behind this track. ‘What did you expect’ is everything punk nowadays isn’t but should be ‘In This Together’ is the title track taken from his debut EP, a collection of Politically fueled angst driven tracks that feature cheeky riffs and riotous drum arrangement to create a refreshingly eye-opening DIY project that is very much needed given the current social climate. The artwork for this EP is my favourite thing ever, I want that tattoed.


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