The 1975 have just released the second single from their upcoming album ‘a brief inquiry into online relationships’ and it’s and offers a look into how fucked up the world is, so that’s exciting.

opening on a slow build before you’re struck with the shocking impact of the opening line ‘Fucking in a car shooting heroin’ somewhat dampening the tone and letting you know this track isn’t all rainbows and fairies. A futuristic synthy twinkle sits below Mattys slightly strained and passion lead vocals really packing a punch when delivering the politics-driven lyricism.

This track does shine for its lyrics with mention of many issues, events and debates within society with everything from ‘selling melanin and then suffocate the black men’ referring to slavery and ‘a beach of drowning 3-year-olds’ following the images and stories of immigrants. These touchy subjects being delivered in this way is crucial, I have always had so much respect for Matty as a songwriter but I feel what he has done here is bold, fresh and it’s going to be raising these issues to the younger generation.

The line ‘Modernity has failed us’ is one that as heavily used in the promotion of this and pops up multiple times on the record. It particularly stands out not just as it acts as a conclusion and a concept of the track as a whole but also for its placement at the end of the verses, Matty’s vocals become rather erratic during the verses so I found that line really stuck.

The chorus acts as a bit of a breather, we hear that bassline and the line ‘I’d love it if we made it’ is drummed Into the listener offering an insight into Matty’s hopefulness and aspirations.

Ending very much like how it started the organic strings are brought in to give it that sense of closure and really allowing you to take in what you just experienced instrumentally, vocally and most important lyrically.

They have really pulled it out the bag with this one, I feel they have chosen the right path to go down when it comes to singles, both ‘Give Yourself a try’ and ‘I’d love it if we made it’ offer a bit more lyrically then tracks like ‘UGH’ and ‘Love me’ that we got from ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’. I’m really excited for this album now, we’ve had fun, depth, passion and emotion just from the first two tracks so expectations are high, very high indeed.

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