The 1975 are back with the third single off of their upcoming studio album ‘A brief inquiry into online relationships’.

”TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ is the follow up to singles ‘Give yourself a try’ and ‘Love it if we made it’ two singles that really stuck to me, not just for thier warm trademark synthyness but the lyrical depth and themes. With Give yourself we got an insight into the mind and life of Matty Healy, his issues and approach to life, Social commentary bop ‘Love it if we made it’ offered a wider view of society and really put into perspective how fucked up the world is. Both these tracks gave us so much and were extremely eyeopening and explored topics and themes not usually spoken of in pop music.

‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ steers in a more commercially lead direction with a much catchier tone and minimalistic lyricism, but that’s something I very much welcome. The textured synths on here with the tinge of autotune on Matty’s vocals make for a well-polished track that’s going to dominate radio worldwide.

Lyrically the track tells the story of a rocky relationship,  the catchy chorus kicking off with ‘I only called her one time Maybe it was two times? Don’t think it was three times Can’t be more than four times’ we hear Matty trying to lie to himself about calling another girl while in a relationship before the line ‘You text that boy sometimes!’ to suggest that maybe the relationship is a lost cause that both parties have given up on.

In conclusion, I really love the new track, it’s a different love to the first two cuts that I admired for their bold lyricism. ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ is a bloody catchy number that you will not be able to resist having a little hum along to.



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