Slaves- Acts of fear and love REVIEW

It’s here, it’s finally here and I can’t contain my excitement, Kent duo Slaves have released their third album in three years ‘Acts of fear and love’ and it’s everything I could have wanted and more.

You know when an album opens with a forceful ‘OI!’ that’s you’re in for a ride, kicking off with ‘The lives they wish they had’ serving up tongue in cheek humour mocking Instagram culture and those who lean on the bonnet of their rented motor-car. The track pulls to a close with Issac just screaming ‘SLAVES, SLAVES, SLAVES’ just in case you hadn’t realised you were listening to a slaves album yet.

Moving onto the slightly less intrusive ‘Cut and Run’, the first promotional single released back in June. Its repetition makes for a catchy little number and one that alongside ‘Chokehold’ is gonna make for a good ol live chant along.

 ‘Did you know 65% of UK homes contain one Magnolia wall?’ no, no I didn’t but thanks for that Issac! Yes that’s the opening line to the fittingly titled ‘Magnolia’, possibly my favourite track on the album. It’s got that iconic slave’s quirky, charismatic brashness to it that I just love. A few of the other more ferocious cuts on here include the moody distorted ‘Artificial intelligence’ and brutal ‘Bugs’, they’re loud, they’re gritty and generally pretty fucking amazing, expect some messy mosh pits with these one’s lads.

‘Acts of Fear and love’ isn’t all screaming and heavy riffs we are shown a somewhat more vulnerable side to these guys the tracks ‘Daddy’, ‘Photo opportunity’ and even bleeding into closing number and title track ‘Acts of fear and love’. In between all the loudness and attitude, these moments really helped to break it up. I feel like they’ve finally found the confidence to share these more sensitive and personal pieces. ‘Daddy’ features backing vocals from Wolf Alices Elle who also happens to be dating Issac, while her touch on this album was small it really stood out to me, she’s one of my favourite vocalists and her distinctive softness I felt just added another layer susceptibility.

Overall, I cannot fault this album, these guys have been a band close to my heart for a while now and this album is a shining star in their already iconic discography. They’re heading out on a UK tour this November you can pick up a ticket for that here  Ps: If either Issac or Laurie happen to read this pls add me to the guest list for the London show xoxo



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