Today I am back to share with you my September indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub

Ravellas- Skin Daddy

Serving up 90’s tinged indie bangers Ravellas are a band that has formed in 2016 off the back of their disappointment of Wigan’s local music scene or lack thereof. Since then their 7 track discography has caught the ears of both BBC Introducing Manchester and BBC Introducing Merseyside. They’ve also had the pleasure of supporting US rockers ‘Highly Suspect’ on their sold out UK tour, so they’ve well and truly established themselves as one to watch. The track I’m here to talk to you about today is ‘Skin Daddy’ the second single off their upcoming debut EP ‘REPUTATION’. Laced with Groovy guitar licks and a shed tonne of attitude this track makes for a massive catchy hook into the band, this is one that you can listen to on repeat and not get bored of, a massive number.


Clover the girl- O.K Fine

Texas-based independent Alt-Pop act ‘Clover the girl’ is set to release her latest single ‘Ok- Fine’ in two days time. Upon my first listen of the track I was struck by its warm and glossy production as well as its casual address of mental health within the lyrics, they’re catchy, they roll off the tongue while normalising talking about how you feel. Just a really smooth pop bop with a message, what more could you want.


Giant boys- Clap your hands

Introducing to you Salford based post-punk duo GIANT BOYS and their latest single ‘Clap Your Hands’ from their debut EP of the same name. Clap your hands features thick distorted layering with minimalistic lyrics to create a big fat mosh-worthy two and a half minutes of chaos.Get listening to this EP, you will not regret it.


Passenger- To Be Free

This man needs no introduction, superstar singer-songwriter Michael David Rosenberg better known as Passenger is back with his 10th… yes 10th studio album and he is still keeping it fresh. Here on the latest single from the album ‘Runaway’ To Be Free is a sweet little piano number that sits close to Rosenbergs heart, talking of the story behind the track he said ‘To Be Free’ is a very important song for the record and also to me personally, as it’s about my grandparents,’ This track just seeps class and is definitely a standout moment on the album along with my other favourites ‘He leaves you cold’ and ‘Survivors’ I definitely recommend giving the album a listen you can pick up a copy HERE


Traded youth- Don’t die on your bike

 Florida lads Traded youth are proof that rock & roll ain’t dead with their striking indie rock and punk mashup drawing inspiration from the likes of Pearl jam and Tame Impala. ‘Don’t die on your bike’ is one of their more mellow leaning tracks, a hazy performance with abrasive yet fresh vocals. With 6 tracks under their belt traded youth are showcasing their diverse and unique sound. Love these guys.


Nuns of the Tundra- Hidden eraser

Nuns of the Tundra are bringing the thunder with their latest single ‘Hidden Eraser’ a track ‘about the frustration of living in a loop and attempting to break out of the monotony of the rat race’ and trust me you can feel the frustration shake the floor. Heavy hitting riffs with juicy stoner rock sensibilities are thrown in for good measure is the best way to describe this track, If like myself you are massive fans of bands such as Royal Blood and Queens of the stone age then you guys are going to love this.


Bootleg Rascal- Mercy

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Anònimo’ on October 5th Sydney based superstars ‘Bootleg Rascal’ are back with their latest single ‘Mercy’. The track pulls on their core Reggae and dub roots to give the listener a party in their ears, lovley mental image there.. you’re welcome. Sick your teeth in soul laden vocals on this from frontman Carlos sit over the silky 90’s synths infused with a funky little bassline. Instant mood booster.


The Estevans- 2 minutes from Lincon

You all know that the Guildford music scene is one of my favourites so I’m always hyped for new bands from that neck of the woods. The Estevans are a four-piece who have been working their way through local venues, pubs and festivals playing original material. ‘2 minutes from Lincon’ is their debut single and one that has well and truly set the bar high. With a foundation built from The Beatles inspiration with overlapping brashness inspired by the likes of Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys. Opening with a thicc bassline before serving up zingy riffs and rockstar attitude. I love when you can get an idea of a bands personality through the music and that is definitely the case here 110% one to watch, I don’t think this is the last of these guys you will be seeing here.


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