Hey guys, I’ve got some really cool news that I am so excited to tell you all about!

BLOGTOBER FEST is a series of 31 of gigs organised by PR company ‘Lost In The Manor’, it takes place all through October at The Finsbury In London. Each night is curated by a different music blog and I’m really happy to say that I am one of those alongside some of my favourite blogs Indie Shuff and Turtle Tempo to name a couple!

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So, let me give you all the details, my curated night will take place on Monday the 8th of October, when picking out my acts I really wanted to showcase everything I’m loving about the scene at the moment. My three acts are all ones whose music has been topping my playlists recently. They are…drum roll, please… Luna Rosa, China Bears and Glass peaks!

It’s going to be a real night to remember I published my first post on the 10th of October 2015 so it also acts as a great celebration of the blogs 3rd birthday! I haven’t even told you the best part yet, tickets are free! All you have to do is head to DICE.FM, however, this does not confirm entry so turn up with plenty of time to make sure you get in!

I cannot wait for this, three of my favourite acts all under one roof, I’ve made a little playlist of their biggest tunes!

Massive thank you to Chris at ‘Lost in the manor’ for securing not only these fab three acts but for putting on such a great showcase and celebration of both blogs and bands! See you all there x

Here’s a playlist of the bands biggest tunes:


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