Today I am back to share with you my September indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub I am also trialling ‘Send it right’ a new submission service as well if you wanted to get a track over to me on there:

Stereo Honey- Icarus

This London based four price have been on my radar for a while now so when I found out their debut EP ‘What Makes A Man’ is due set for release on 16thNovember I was super excited. ‘Icarus’ is the lead single from this and one that reimagines the Icarus myth from frontman’s Pete’s perspective of his own relationship with his father through examining society’s toxic construct and preconceptions of masculinity. Lathered with a shed load of textured silky goodness sticking with the mystical vibe.


Ponte Pilas- Out Of My Head

‘Out Of My Head’ is the first single released from Berlin-based rockers Ponte Pilas following the release of debut EP ‘Young Perros’ late last year. It hears the band diversify their style into this very attitude driven kick showcasing moments of enlightenment and of interruption with its meaty riffs that just ooze coolness.


Camens- Slept On The Sofa

Since forming in 2017 Camens discography has been growing rapidly, ‘Slept on the sofa’ is the latest addition and one that while leading with an uplifting instrumental has a more dismal fuel behind it. Speaking of the tracks lyrical inspiration Scott explains ‘It’s about office and call centre work. About the cycle of 7am starts in the dark of winter,
being inside all day and then coming out of work at 5 and it being dark again… feels like your trapped, metaphorically and literally’. However, it does end on an overall more positive note  “Do not believe the things you tell yourself when you’re sad and alone, keep going, even when its dark and life’s shit.” this paired with an anthemic explosion makes for an emotion-driven power piece. Massive things coming for these guys!

The Hubbards- Good When I’m Done

Hull-based four-piece The Hubbards have just dropped their most ambitious single to date and I cannot stop listening. ‘Good when I’m done’ shows us a side that we hadn’t yet seen in their 17 track discography. A darker and more heartfelt tone on this one really brings to life the bands character. Pulling inspiration from bands such as JAWS that classic indie-pop charm shines through on this.


Palma Louca- Free Float

Combining R&B and dance music and delivering it in a silky dark psychedelic indie rock style Palma Louca are back with their second single ‘Free Float’. Jumping into the tormented mind of a person experiencing the ups and downs of a difficult relationship while pulling inspiration from bands like Pink Floyd and The Pixies. A very depth filled atmospheric piece that will truly transport you to a space of tranquillity, super peaceful and overall a really smooth experimental musing sound.


Sonny step feat. TyC- Shining

Introducing to you Sonny Step, a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn. Rocking his retro 60’s aesthetic and blending smooth hi-fi pop with the soulful sensibilities of R&B.’Shining’ features frequent collaborator TyC on production laying down some vibrant drum patterns infused with intricate synth work. Just a really cool and fresh sounding track, one that will undoubtedly get you bopping. Sonny Step’s debut project is set for release early December so keep your ears peeled for that!


Among The Citizens- Antisocial

Pulling inspiration from the likes of ‘The Cure’ and ‘Slaves’, Among the citizens and their new EP ‘Pretend to be in love’ is going to dominate your playlists. The opening track ‘Antisocial’ is an infectiously exciting number that pulls the energy from their live shows acting as an instant mood booster with its upbeat pace, warm guitar licks and energetic drum patterns. Dripping in energy and charming this is 3 minutes of pure, youthful fun and with support from BBC introducing and 6 music these guys are going places, expect to see a lot more of them here!


Young Monarch- Strangers

The latest of three singles from up and coming Mancunian four-piece Young Monarch ‘Strangers’ has been on repeat for me over the past couple of weeks and I cannot wait to share it with you. Their refreshing blend of electronic and classical instrumentation makes for classy power anthems that are sure to get your mouth watering and your head swaying. Frontwoman Rebecca’s distinctive vocal delivery is comparable to that of the smooth, soft feminine flow of Florence Welch’s. So much depth and texture seeping through on this, without a doubt one of the most promising new bands on the scene, I am tipping these guys to make it big in 2019, so watch this space.



Ending on a brand new favourite of mine, British lads Riscas have just released their debut EP Calypso featuring the brand new single ‘Dance’. A track that is ready to pull a summery essence into the darker months with its dreamy guitar licks and cheeky laidback British charm. The whole EP is one you can not sleep on… so get listening.


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